Float Baby, Float! Baby Spa Opens in Melbourne

Floating babies. It’s a thing. And it’s as adorable as it sounds. 

And now Melbourne babies can get on board the latest pint-sized trend taking over Aussie shores (and spas).

Baby Spa Melbourne has officially opened its doors in Rowville, on the south-east fringes of Melbourne. And it’s welcoming water babies and tired mums for an aquatic experience like no other.

Welcome to water world. For babies.

If you haven’t seen the adorableness that comes with Baby Spa, then you’re in for a treat! Because nothing is cuter than a baby enjoying a bath. Except perhaps if that baby’s head is floating above water.

The theory behind the floating baby sessions, known as hydrotherapy, is absolutely ingenious. It uses a purple doughnut thing (known as the Bubby) to hold baby’s head above water, all the while letting his entire body relax and move in water.

Bouy oh bouy!

Baby Spa Melbourne opened its doors earlier this month after the success of Australia’s first baby spa, which opened in Perth back in 2016

“Baby Spa has been created as a haven to help babies with their development,” Baby Spa founder, Laura Sevenus tells Mum Central. 

Laura, who used to teach swimming, was looking for a way to introduce babies to the water before the age of four months (when most swimming classes commence for infants). 

“I wanted to find a way to maintain a baby’s connection to water from birth in a safe and comfortable way,” Laura tells Mum Central.

It’s all about the Bubby

With bubba’s head firmly in the Bubby, baby can chill out in the comfort of water. It’s kind of like reentering the womb. But at a spa. And your uterus doesn’t have to get involved.

The benefits that come with the sessions are also quite amazing – from bone and muscle development to cognitive support.

“Paediatricians who had clients attend Baby Spa told me that they had noticed that the babies who were attending regularly were alert, content and strong,” Laura adds.

What about mum?

Don’t worry. Mums won’t miss out on the luxuriousness either. You can book yourself in for a massage or pilates class while your wee one is in water heaven.

baby spa opens in Melbourne Rowville

Breanne Marquis owns the first infant day spa in Melbourne and has a number of great packages available for mums with bubs aged two days to six months. In addition to specialised bath sessions, Breanne also offers infant massage, which is also incredibly beneficial for bubs.

Will you and your bub be taking part in the floating fun?

Looking for additional ways to introduce your baby to the water? Check out Help! My baby hates bathtime. What can we do?  

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