Mum Designs World’s First Air-Free Baby Bottle to Soothe Colic and Reflux


It’s a problem that plagues 70 per cent of babies – GAS!

But the days of acid reflux dramas could be a thing of a past, thanks to this clever air-free baby bottle.

We all know how too much air messes with our digestive system. Chug too quickly, inhale too much air and you become a burpy, bloated, hiccuping hot mess. It’s the same for babies.

Bare Air-free baby bottle

The problem with infants, however, is that they haven’t quite mastered the fine art of slow drinking. This is especially the case when the milk is a-flowing oh-so-fast. The large intake of milk combined with the access air makes for a very uncomfortable experience.

For breastfeeding mums, the problem often comes down to an oversupply of milk and may correct itself as your boobs and baby learn to work together.

But, for bottle feeding infants, there may be a simple solution – change your equipment.

Going air-free

US mum Priska Diaz has invented an air-free baby bottle, known as Bare Air-free, which eliminates the excess air and makes for a much easier drinking experience. She created the bottle as a way to combat her son’s reflux.

Bare Air-free baby bottle range

The Bare Air-free bottles dispenses air-free milk in an upright position, kind of like a syringe. Once the milk is in the bottle, the parent pushes up a plug to expel the air. The baby’s suction moves the plug along, preventing air from entering.

“It’s called air free because it doesn’t allow air inside. You can expel the air out of the bottle before feeding the baby, so the milk is 100 per cent milk and not mixed with air,” Priska says.

Check out how it works in the video below (it’s pretty cool!).

The world's first baby bottle that feeds babies air-free milk

This high-tech baby bottle solves a problem plaguing close to 70% of all infants.

Posted by CNBC on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

All milk and no air makes bub happy

The bottles are proving quite the hit for mums over in America with 75 per cent of parents claiming it cut their infant’s acid reflux.

It can reduce gas, colic, stomach acid and reflux symptoms which makes for a more content bubba.

The bottles are currently only available in America. But, hey if you need an excuse to head overseas, then buying a baby bottle sounds like a good enough reason to us. While you’re there, you might be interested in also picking up one of these DIY cider kits, which turns fruit into booze at home.

Air-free milk for bub. Fruity cider for mum. It’s a win-win for all.

For babies with colic, you may be interested in testing out this Perth dad’s magic colic cure. And yes, it’s available in Australia.

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