You’ve probably seen videos of mums dancing their way through the labour pains. But this doctor decided to up the ante and join in on the fun.

And it’s the cutest thing we’ve seen all day.

In labour? Turn on the music and bust a move! This is what expectant mum Camila Rocha did while she awaited the arrival of her second bubba. And her dancing partner for the main event? None other than her super suave doctor – Dr Fernando Guedes Da Cunha.

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AS the video above shows, the glowing mum-to-be shakes her grove thang alongside Dr Fernando in an impromptu dance involving plenty of hip shaking and baby dropping moves. And the two flawlessly pull it off with a crowd cheering behind the camera.

Dr Fernando posted the video to his Instagram feed, explaining, “You come to work and your patient goes into labour! She asks for the music, we invent the choreography at the time so that the exercise helps the childbirth.

“And the result: beautiful normal childbirth on a humanised birthright!”

Bust a water breaking move

Not only does is dancing a fun workout, but it can also help get bub into the optimum birth position. And it seems to work a treat for Camila. She welcomed her second baby, João (John) Homero in what looks like a beautiful birth.

The mum of two (she also has a daughter, Helena), has thanked her doctor for making the birth experience such a memorable one.

Turns out, dancing during labour isn’t the only trend we wish we tried. Check out this pregnant mum of twins who busted a move to bring on labour (it sure beats eating pineapple).


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