If You Like Food, You’ll Love These 25 Delicious Food Baby Names – They Aren’t Too Weird, We Promise!


We often give our babies food-inspired nicknames while in the womb. Pickle. Bean. Peanut. But more and more parents are taking this trend and bringing it to life.

Food baby names are nothing new. Remember when Gwenyth Paltrow made waves for naming her daughter Apple? Now Apple is almost a grown-ass woman and yes, we’re old.

Anyhoo, while Apple is still on the baby naming menu, we’ve baked up a whole new batched of adorable food-inspired baby names for anyone looking for something sweet and spicy. 

And no, weirdo names like Broccoli, Vegemite, and Chicken Nugget didn’t make the menu. 

25 food baby names 

So, without further ado, these 25 food-inspired baby names are definitely worth adding to your naming shortlist. 

Rye – Cute for any gender, Rye pays homage to the delicious rye bread and works as both a first name or as a cheeky middle name. LOVE! 

Poppy – Sure, it’s a flower but it’s also a seed and therefore, it counts as a food-inspired baby name. 

Plum – There are plenty of fruits out there that ‘could’ be used as names. Peach. Apple. Pear. Cherry. Plum probably works the best for a little girl. 

Tangerine Speaking of fruit, Tangerine is another one you may see creeping up the charts in the next few years. 

ClementineAnother juicy option! 

SageOkay, we’re moving away from the fruit aisle now and into the spices with this popular choice. Sage is actually one of the trendy baby names of 2022 but it’s also a spicy option for culinary wizards. 

Honey If you’re after a name that’s as sweet as your bub, you really can’t go wrong with Honey! 

Maple – Or, if you love a bit of maple syrup on your pancakes, then Maple is a unique choice. Sure, it’s a bit out there, but, hey, not as out there as naming your baby Pancake. Which, yes, someone did just that. 

Saffron Another spicy name, Saffron is a cute choice for something a bit different. And it’s much better than naming your kid Coriander. 

Java – If you’re a bit of a coffee lover, then Java might float your boat. It’s a bit more unique than Joe. 

Chai Not a fan of coffee? How about a tea name? 

Brie – Sweet baby names are made of cheese…. who am I to disagree? 

Colby And here’s another cheesy option. 

Ambrosia – Considered the ‘food of the gods’, this name comes with some pretty high stakes. 

Clove – Another option for boys or girls, Clove isn’t a name you hear every day but it does have a sort of cute ring to it. 

Olive – Olive, on the other hand, is more popular and rising every year. It symbolises peace and was made famous thanks to the adorable Olive on Little Miss Sunshine. 

Amandine This is a French name that you probably don’t hear often but it’s a culinary term meaning to garnish with almonds. So there you go. 

Cane – A relatively normal food name! Hoorah! Named after sugar cane, of course. 

Cassia – Cassia is used as a substitute for Cinnamon and, yes, while Cinnamon can also be considered a name it’s a little bit too ‘candyish’ for us. We’ll stick to Cassia.

Kale – If you’re gonna go down the healthy food baby name aisle, then you really can’t go past Kale. It tastes like butthole but, hey, it’s kind of a cute name?

Nori – If you’re a fan of unique four-letter baby names, then Nori may be a good one to consider, which whips up connotations of yummy sushi. 

Reuben – Who doesn’t love a good ol’ reuben sandwich? So much so that you’d name your kid after one? Yup! Better than Big Mac. 

Zea – Here’s another food baby name you probably don’t hear every day. Zea – Meaning ‘grain’. You can pronounce this two ways – Zee or Zaia. 

Anise The spice anise tastes similar to black licorice – which is horrible stuff – but the sweet name is definitely a cute one! 

Bacon – Okay, okay, I know I said no weird food baby names but, if you’re gonna stray towards the wacky, please, for the love of all things delicious, go with Bacon. 

So there you go – 25 semi-normal food baby names. Would you consider any of them for your children? 

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