This App Helps You Cook the Perfect Steak Every Time

Got a mate who can never cook a steak just right? Yeah, same (*cough* husband). Next time you’re clutching the tongs in one hand, have your phone in the other and let the SteakMate app cook your steak just how you like it!

Take the guess work out of cooking steak with the ultimate cooking companion, the SteakMate app. Simply plug in your beefy details such as the cut of steak (there’s a HUGE 17 options to choose from), your cooking method, thickness of the steak and how you’d like it cooked (rare to well done).

And that’s all you need to do to cook the perfect steak at home. Easy, isn’t it!

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With those details received, this clever app works out the cooking time for you – complete with cues to turn the steak and remove it for resting. If one mate likes his rare and another likes hers medium-well done, SteakMate even stacks a cooking queue to help you perfectly manage the grill plate.

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mum centralPut your best grilling foot forward with these tips to cooking the perfect steak:

  • Bring the steak to room temperature before cooking. A game changing tip from Jamie Oliver, the meat MUST relax before you put it in the pan for heat to penetrate through the cut evenly.
  • Oil your meat, not the pan. For one, you use a whole lot less oil if you brush the meat rather than add a glug to the pan – AND you avoid all that rapid fire of hot oil spitting off the surface and all over the kitchen.
  • Season your steak generously before cooking it. Rub salt and pepper on both surfaces and the edges of the steak for a beautiful flavour.
  • Your grill plate or pan must be SUPER hot to begin. A hot surface is essential to creating that beautiful caramelised (not to be confused with charcoal) crust. Knock the heat back to a medium after adding the meat.
  • For even more flavour, rub the steak with a knob of butter and a garlic clove during cooking.
  • Once cooked to your preference, let the steak rest for a couple of minutes. Letting the meat relax again is what’s needed for a juicy steak! Don’t waste the juice that’s left on the plate after resting, be sure to pour that on top of the steak when you serve it. Delicious!

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The super handy SteakMate app is available to download free from iTunes.

Happy grilling everyone!

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