This Family’s Bright Dressup Ideas Keep Isolation Boredom at Bay

Bold, bright, and full of life, these hilarious isolation family photos are a rainbow of laughs. Which, let’s face it, we all could use right about now!

The McMonagle family is one of the countless families in Australia stuck at home with each other. All day. Every day. To pass the time and keep their spirits up, the foursome decided to pose for some colourful pics.

Fancy dress party of four 

With mum, Rowena, a professional photographer and with a house full of unique props and dressing options, the stage was set for a week’s worth of family portraits.

Each day the family raided their home to find props and clothing of a certain colour. One day it was yellow, the next orange, the next red, you get the idea. They selected their attire, added an array of props and, viola!

How cool do they look?

family isolation photos
Their hilarious poses and indifference expressions win the internet. Source: Rowena Meadows
Rowena Meadows family isolation photo shoot
The pose from the youngest daughter – priceless!! Source: Rowena Meadows
family isolation photos
Bright colours + vacant expressions = photography gold! Source: Rowena Meadows

Rowena shared the weekly photos on her Facebook page, explaining, “When forced to spend a sanity-threatening amount of time together, the boundaries between individual and group identity may blur.

Thank you to our neighbours and passers-by for not asking when seeing this going on in our driveway every 4pm.”

A family that poses together, stays together

The get-ups, the props, the poses, the facial expressions – it’s all too good. I’m really not sure which one is my favourite, but one thing stands out – they absolutely NAILED the expressions! It’s like The Addams Family meets The Royal Tenenbaums meets Rainbow Bright.

And the props! Amazeballs. From the looks of the photos, the family dug deep to find the props – a candy cane and pumpkin from their Christmas and Halloween decorations, an all-yellow garden gnome, a retro blue suitcase and a flamingo floatie.

Rowena Meadows family isolation photoshoot
The Aussie Addams Family. Source: Rowena Meadows
family isolation photos
Dad’s in a tutu and mum’s in a storage box. Who says isolation makes us go crazy? Source: Rowena Meadows
mum central
Love how the face mask made an appearance. Source: Rowena Meadows
mum central
And baby makes five. Or six if you want to count the flamingo. Source: Rowena Meadows

Rowena mentions that the family is planning on more colour photoshoots in the near future. We look forward to seeing them all!

If you’re looking for more hilarious iso-photos, take a look at the Bin Isolation Outing group on Facebook where people share photos and videos of themselves in fancy dress taking out the bins. It’s a laugh and a half! With actual outings bin and gone, taking the rubbish to the curb is about as exciting an outing that we get these days.

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