Crikey! You Can Now Buy A Crocs-Inspired Handbag … Complete With Charms!

It’s no secret that Crocs are one of the most debated fashion fails – or successes depending on how you look at it – of the century. Ever since they arrived on the shoe scene back in the early 2000’s people have either loved to hate them. Or hate to love them because they are comfy AF even though they make it look like your foot has been swallowed by a bath toy.

Face it. We all have a pair hidden at home that we wear to put the bins out, take the washing to the line or don at the beach if we’re game enough.

Well, ladies and gents, welcome to the next generation of Croc-inspired garb – the Croc bag, for all your ugly bag toting needs. Yep, you can now wear your Crocs on your feet and your shoulder and we’re not sure whether to laugh or cry.

croc bag
Oh look. A Croc shoe for your shoulder! Source: Amazon

This is not a drill. Croc handbags are here 

Optari, the designers behind the Croc-inspired handbag, which actually goes by the official name Sol Totes.  But we like “ugly Croc bag” so much better. The ugly Croc bag comes in two sizes – a small handbag and a large shoulder bag. Optari has also designed itty bitty wallet-sized Croc bags, perfect for your phone and keys.

ugly croc bag
Source: Amazon

Rock out with your Croc handbag out 

All the Croc-inspired bags have the classic Croc look – the bright bold colours, the weird holes and the plastic-like appearance.

According to Optari, “Our EVA material is super lightweight, plus super durable, washable and won’t fade in the sun.  Ever go to the beach and have your canvas bag fall over?  Our product stands up!  Sturdy and your best choice for the pool or beach.”

ugly croc bag is here
Source: Supplied

Bag yourself a Crocin’ good bargain

You can also customise your ugly Croc bag with these weird charm things that attach to the holes. Because what’s better than a super bright ugly Croc bag? A super bright ugly Croc bag decorated with extra bright plastic decals. Yay!

optari croc bag
Source: Supplied

Optari sells all their Croc-inspired pieces through Amazon. The ugly Croc handbag will set you back $16.95 USD plus shipping to Australia.

mum central
Source: Amazon

Of course, the internet is divided when it comes to the ugly Croc bag. Some love it – especially beach-goers who enjoy customising their plastic bag with plastic accessories.

Others hate it.

“I didn’t think anything could be more hideous than the shoes. I was wrong,” one said.

“Great for throwing in the river,” another joked.

Well, one thing is for sure – carrying the ugly Croc-bag is sure to turn heads! As are these bedazzled glittery wedding Crocs. 

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