20 Hilarious Times this 95yo Grandma and Her Grandson Dress Up in Brilliant Costumes!

Looking for some Halloween inspo? Then look no further … this 95-year-old Grandma has NAILED a series of hilarious costumes. From Disney’s Up! Movie to a Thanksgiving turkey and all the adorableness in between, this is one Grandma proving you’re never ever too old to have some fun and a laugh at yourself! CUE THE CUTENESS…

This super fun Grandma isn’t alone in these antics – she’s roped in her grandson for good measure. It’s not clear who is the fun instigator in this pair, but one thing is very clear – they both LOVE it – and each other.

And we love it too! We’re so very thankful that social media can deliver joy like this – people just having fun and wanting to deliver smiles all over the world. It really puts a smile on your dial!

Without further ado, here’s some of the funniest, and down-right cutest Halloween costume inspo you’ll see this year!

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1. Carl, Russell and Dug – it’s UP! movie

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I mean, have you ever seen anything more adorable than THIS? Source: Instagram

2. It’s risky business being a Christmas tree this time of year, especially a cute one

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It would take a cold-hearted lumberjack to want to lop this beauty! Source: Instagram

3. Grandma, are you wearing a poop emoji?!

hilarious costumes
Night in shining armour – kind of. Source: Instagram

4. Happy St Patrick Day!

hilarious costumes
Aaaaaah, for the luck of the Irish! Source: Instagram

5. Captain America gone wild

hilarious costumes
It’s the flipping of the bird from Grandma for me. Source: Instagram

6. An age-old tradition, Thanksgiving turkey hunting

hilarious costumes
Found one! Source: Instagram

7. When in Rome, hilarious costumes always

hilarious costumes
Do as the Romans do and dress the part. Source: Instagram

8. ‘Tis the season, happy holidays!

hilarious costumes
I was *almost* convinced… Source: Instagram

9. Christmas – the rap version

hilarious costumes
Mrs Clause, Rudolph and the Elf not making Santa’s list this year. Source: Instagram

10. Does Easter get more adorable than this?

hilarious costumes
Easter, it’s ALL about the bunnies! Source: Instagram

11. Go Bucks! Grandma gets sporty!

hilarious costumes
Does Grandma make her debut in American football? Great pins too! Source: Instagram

12. You’re the pepperoni to my cheese pizza

hilarious costumes
Extra pepperoni for me, please. Source: Instagram

13. Woody and Buzz strike again!

hilarious costumes
This feels a little less Disney and a little more NCIS…. Source: Instagram

14. Martial arts Grandma, complete with nunchaku and Chuck Norris

hilarious costumes
Don’t mess with Gran. Source: Instagram

15. A taco Tuesday takedown, ole!

mum central
I mean who wouldn’t love taco Tuesday in these hilarious costumes? Source: Instagram

16. Your pumpkin chariot awaits, Cinderella!

hilarious costumes
Grandma can absolutely be a Disney Princess this Halloween if she wants to! Source: Instagram

17. Thanksgiving turkey is DONE, ready to carve!

hilarious costumes
Everyone at the table, Thanksgiving lunch is ready! Source: Instagram

18. Spring has sprung!

mum central
Grandma, what big carrots you have! And such a strong bunny! Source: Instagram

19. Titanic – the lake version

hilarious costumes
Jack, can you hear me? I said HOLD ON. Source: Instagram

20. An apple a day. Life is short, laugh often!

mum central
Cherish what time you have together and have some laughs along the way. Source: Instagram

What fabulous memories to have of a special bond between a grandson and his Grandma and we’re all here to enjoy it too! You can follow along on this pair’s adorable and hilarious costumes and their wearing journey, on Ross’s Instagram page.

Now go ring your grandparents (and perhaps pitch the idea of dressing as a turkey?) to say hello!

If you’ve sadly lost your grandparents, how would you like to kind of adopt one? Check out our Pandemic Penpals: Let’s Connect our Kids with the Elderly During Lockdown to spread some joy!

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