Send Your Ex a Bag of Gummy D*cks for Valentine’s Day


Ever wanted to tell your ex to go eat a bag of d*cks? Well, now you can, and without the drama of him lashing out thanks to this hilarious Etsy store.

The store, appropriately called ShipABagofDicks will not only send out a lovely bag of gummy-shaped penises to the asshole in your life, but they will do so anonymously so he won’t be the wiser.

gummy dicks for your ex
For the special d*ckhed in your life. Source: Etsy/ShipABagOfDicks

For the ex who has everything… 

Guys, I don’t know about you, but this is my favourite Valentines’ Day find ever, especially if you do happen to have an ex-partner that causes you a bit of grief.

Sure, it’s a little on the petty side, but, hey, sometimes ex-partners need to be put in their place. And I can’t think of a better way to do so than by telling them to go eat a bag of gummy d*cks.

gummy dicks for Valentine's Day
Say it with gummy d*cks this V-Day Source: Etsy/ShipABagOfDicks

Your enemy deserves better

The colourful confectionary is already a widely popular present year-round but we reckon it will fly on Valentine’s Day!

According to the product description:

The Original Bag Of D**ks. Our package is the BIGGEST Bag Of D**ks available anywhere! Our competition uses tiny, tasteless d**ks. Their Bag Of D**ks is barely half the size of ours. Your friend or enemy deserves better. They deserve our big, juicy, mouth-watering gummy d**ks.”

One big bag of gummy d*cks cost around $13 AUD plus shipping, making it a bargain for sweet, sweet revenge. And let’s face it, (some of) our exes deserve nothing less.

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