An English zoo has  #won-the-internet offering jilted lovers the chance to name a cockroach after their ex this Valentine’s Day.

And all it will cost you is a tiny two bucks.

It’s a brilliant fundraising initiative. And women are jumping at the chance to christen the crawlies after their ex-husbands and ex-partners.

A steal at just $2 per cocky

Forget naming a twinkling star for your loved one, cockroaches are how we’re sharing our deepest feelings this Valentine’s Day. For a meagre $2 your ex can have an honorary roach in his name. (And let’s be honest there’s plenty of exes out there that more than deserve it!)

valentines cockroach
Do I remind you of someone from your past?

So many naughty names

The Hemsley Conservation Centre in southeast London is where all the fun is happening. They’ll allow you to name a cockroach after your ex and best of all, they don’t even care what moniker you choose.

This means Small Willy Sam and No Child Support Chad might get to run around their enclosure next to Mark the Cheater. Don’t worry if you can’t pick your critter from the other crawlies in the crew. The good news is every name given is commemorated with a take home certificate.

Yes, you’ll receive a certificate to remember the purchase.  It even proudly boasts, “I’ve named a cockroach at the Hemsley Conservation Centre in the not so loving memory of my worthless ex!”

The website from Hemsley Conservation Centre.

It’s all for good

The best news is that aside from the laugh and the fleeting feelings of satisfaction, all money raised goes towards future zoo projects.

At just $2, naming a cockroach might be a cracker idea if you’ve some unresolved feelings to process. It’s definitely cheaper than therapy, your friends will actually like hearing his name this time and there’s no filthy hangover the morning after.

Now that’s a Happy Valentine’s Day!

PS If you’re a Dad reading this who wants to avoid having a roach named after them, why not check out ‘Mum Truths: The Actual Valentine’s Day Mums Really Want.’ 



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