Halloween Decorating: 10 Ghostly Great Front Yards to Inspire

Are you racing to the shops for some last-minute Halloween decorating supplies and require ghoulish inspiration FAST? Take a look at these spooktacular Halloween front yards and porches, they’re so very frightfully awesome!

Australia is slowly but surely adopting Halloween traditions but for the most part, we’re not quite up to the epic level of Halloween hype as our overseas friends. YET.

If you ARE going witches boots all in this year, here are 10 homes that are sure to frighten the pants off of passersby. Which is what you want right? TRICK OR TREAT!

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1. The dead Bunnings trees live on. Hooray!

Halloween decorating
Don’t throw out last year’s garden ruins. Just paint them black! Source: Instagram / Karaspartyideas

2. Pumpkins. So. Many. Pumpkins.

mum central
Hay bales and pumpkins ahoy! There’s going to be a LOT of soup in the freezer this November. Source: Instagram / zoesugg

3. Bring on the Halloween inflatables!

Halloween decorating
Halloween inflatables, glowing fairy lights and house spiders, OH MY! Source: Instagram / lightheartedhalloween

4. Baby head sprouting pumpkins

Halloween decorating
Lock up your toy box kids. Things are getting REAL weird. Source: Instagram / _deathofseasons_

5. A zombie meets front yard cemetery fusion

Halloween decorating
Even the neighbourhood pooch looks terrified! Source: Instagram / zazu.thebernedood

6. Let’s keep things stylishly monochrome as much as possible

Halloween decorating
Floating witches hats, wonderful! Source: Instagram / thefloweringfarmhouse

7. Scaling skeletons and scary as heck clowns

Halloween decorating
What’s worse? The scaling skeletons or the clowns? Source: Instagram / melliekr

8. A Halloween treat chute for the win!

Halloween decorating
Be prepared to catch your Halloween treats! Source: Instagram / onnoubliepasdoudou

9. A scattering of mini bats and pots of autumnal colour

mum central
Note to self – plant for Halloween 2021. Gorg! Source: Instagram / jillian_eversole

10. Cubby house caught in the web!

mum central
Perhaps scaling down on the Halloween decorating this year? Source: Instagram / ellejayking

Tips for Halloween decorating:

  • You don’t ALWAYS need the real deal. Pumpkins can be hideously expensive – try painting your own on to cardboard and propping them up for the same effect.
  • Trace your child’s handprint onto orange and brown paper and cut them out to make sweet autumn looking leaves.
  • A few packets of a fake spiderweb (look at Woolworths or Big W) goes a LONG way, spread this across your outdoor furniture for a quick ghastly effect!
  • Use pots of orange flowers to theme your front door and add cardboard bats or spiders on sticks as garden stakes. Cute and thrifty!
COVID-19 safe Halloween
Photo: Rawpixel/Bigstock

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