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REVIEW: Interactive Moodwings, Baby Dragon from FurReal Sparks Imagination and Delight

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She’s feisty, fiery, and full of surprises – and emotions too. Meet Moodwings, Baby Dragon, the newest colour-changing mythical mate from FurReal Friends.

Moodwings, Baby Dragon has only recently flown into Australia and isn’t she a firecracker?! Colourful, cute and moveable too!

Pet dragons DO exist!

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We recently introduced four mums and their little ones to Moodwings, Baby Dragon at a surprise unboxing event held in Sydney and, well, let’s just say, Moodwings STOLE the show!

The kids couldn’t get enough of her. Check out all the fun things Moodwings, Baby Dragon can do and watch the excitement unfold as we discover the many sides of this cheeky little creature.

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Moodwings, Baby Dragon would make a great gift and are sure to blow your little one away come Christmas morning!

I mean, what could be cooler than getting a pet dragon for Christmas??

Moodwings Baby Dragon Furreal Unboxing Event

Meet Moodwings, Baby Dragon

Moodwings, Baby Dragon isn’t your typical fire-breathing dragon. Oh no. She’s so much more! Though technically she doesn’t breathe fire, she does come with 50+ sounds and responses.

  • Spin her around and tip her upsidedown and she will squeal with joy.
  • Rock her and she will fall asleep.
  • Kiss her special gem and she will giggle with delight.

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Although she may be a fierce dragon on the outside, she’s still a baby and thus needs plenty of care. She comes with a bottle and a dummy and makes sucking sounds when you feed her.

She also loves to be wrapped up nice and snug to go to sleep. Luckily she has those shimmery soft wings to keep her warm. They double as a blanket for bedtime!

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More than just sounds – it’s colours too!

But perhaps the best thing about Moodwings, Baby Dragon is that she’s not only an interactive dragon but a colour-changing one too.

The colour of her eyes and tummy will reveal her mood. They don’t call her Moodwings for nothing!

  • Green means she’s hungry
  • Blue means she’s sleepy
  • Red means she’s a bit cranky, and
  • Yellow means she’s happy.

Check out our video review below to see what else she can do. 

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FurReal Reveal: Moodwings, Baby Dragon LIVE Unboxing

Like all FurReal Friends, Moodwings, Baby Dragon keeps getting better, and better the more you get to know her and play with her. She becomes not just a toy but a pet to care for and a friend to share secrets with.

We loved watching our kid reviewers – Aleria, Finn, Martina and Keira – unbox Moodwings, Baby Dragon and discover her tricks for themselves.

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Our mums have spoken

Our mum reviewers also agreed that it was a beautiful experience to watch their little ones nurture, care and respond to their dragon’s needs. Especially when Moodwings gets angry!

It was a wonderful opportunity to be part of and a lovely way to enjoy one on one time with my little girl.

I love that she has a new friend to care for and she can demonstrate her understanding of nurturing and taking care of others. Amazing!” – Bianca B from Mumma and her Babes and mum to Martina, 6

Aleira and I loved our experience opening up and playing with her new Moodwings, Baby dragon. It was very exciting to see what features she had, and how she would react by being played with.

I’d highly recommend this toy to every child out there!” – Ebonee D, mum to Aleira, 5

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It has been a great toy to play with as a family as well as a toy that Keira can play with independently. 

I love that Keira can follow the dragon’s sound and colour instructions and learn how to care for and nurture it. The toy has inspired many wonderful, magical adventures and I hope it will continue to do so for a few years more!” – Nicole C, mum to Keira, 6

Moodwings Interactive Dragon from FurReal Friends

Moodwings, Baby Dragon is a lovely toy which helps children develop skills of empathy and care for others,” – Sarah K, from DaDMuM and mum to Finn, 5

4.8/5 stars from our FurReal Unicorn reviewers


Moodwings, Baby Dragon won over our kid testers, our mum reviewers and us too! We know your little ones will have just as much fun with this adorable interactive dragon!

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mum central

FurReal Friends Moodwings Baby Dragon

9.6 Moodwings Baby Dragon unboxing


  • 50+ reactions and sounds
  • A friend for life
  • Soft features
  • Colour-changing
  • Moveable wings
Easy to Set Up
Value for Money
Interactive and Engaging
Fun to Play With

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Get your Moodwings, Baby Dragon now

Moodwings, Baby Dragon has only just arrived in stores in Australia and we predict she will be a big hit under the Christmas tree this year! She is perfect for kids aged 3+ and is sure to bring a kingdom full of fun to your little one.

You can find them at Target, Big W and independent retailers for $89.99. Target has them for $79.99 but only for a limited time.

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This is a sponsored review for Hasbro.  All opinions are those of our reviewers.
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