10 Healthy Toddler Snack Ideas for Hungry Tots

Tired of the same old toddler snacks, day in, day out? Pull out all the stops with these fun, delicious and healthy snacks for kids!

Kids can munch their way through each and every day. Shake things up with some different, home made snacks which coincidentally, all tick the ‘healthier’ box while remaining delicious. Who would’ve thought!?

Without further ado, let’s get busy building up the snack stores.

1. Yoghurt melts

Frosty cold yoghurt melts will not only be welcomed all summer long, they’re great for sore, teething gums. It takes next to no time to whip up a batch of these buttons to keep on hand in the freezer. Head to Baby Foode for all the how-to details!

Frozen yoghurt drop snacks recipe

2. Sweet potato waffles

Who can resist a waffle anything? Thanks to Baby Foode, here’s a sweet potato waffle the whole family can enjoy. Yum!

sweet potato waffles snack recipe

3. Pea fritters

Getting the kids to eat their greens isn’t a challenge with these pea fritters! Kids will gobble them down, no worries – and that touch of feta cheese is perfection. Find the recipe at Healthy Little Foodies.

pea fritters snack recipe

4. Frozen fruit yoghurt pops

Instead of tucking into sugar loaded ice creams and ice blocks when the weather warms up, have a crack at making your own slightly healthier, much yummier frozen fruit yoghurt pops. From Hello Wonderful, a recipe for two ingredient, toddler snack sized pops – perfect!

yoghurt and fruit pop ice cream recipe

5. Watermelon pizza

When is a watermelon not a watermelon and indeed something EPIC? When it’s a watermelon pizza, that’s when. Thanks for this fun and fruity toddler snack idea, Healthy Little Foodies.

watermelon pizza snack recipe

6. Easy cucumber sushi

The cutest sushi you ever did see, cucumber sushi! Raising Whasians‘ clever cucumber hack makes sushi-like snacks easy for little, fumbling hands. Try it for yourself!

cucumber sushi snack recipe

7. Fruit snack ‘lollies’

For those times when only a lolly will do (and let’s face it, there’s PLENTY of those times), be prepared with a stash of your own home made lollies. Joy Food Sunshine shows us how with glorious wholefoods and a high-speed blender – be sure to check out her recipe to see just how easy it is.

Natural fruit lolly snack recipe

8. Banana and oat pikelets

Wonderful warm or cold, banana and oat pikelets are awesome for breakfast or a quick toddler snack. From My Kids Lick The Bowl, a recipe that’s both delicious and quick – from bowl to plate in just 15 minutes!

banana and oat pikelet snack recipe

9. Hommus lion veggie tray

Taking hommus and veggie sticks to the next level, Eating Richly is delivering big in the adorable factor. A fantastic idea for picnics, parties or playgroup, kids won’t be able to resist dipping in!

Lion hommus and vegetable stick tray recipe

10. Fruit leathers

If you’ve some time up your sleeve, home made fruit leathers are well worth the wait – just ask the kids! Using just apple sauce and fresh fruit, Courtney’s Sweets shows us how it’s done.

Fruit leather snack recipe

There you have it, 10 awesome snack ideas which are sure to pass the toddler test! Hungry for more recipes? See our other easy snack recipes for kids!

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