The Isolation Baking Fails That Had the Internet in Stitches

If you’re searching for Pinterest-inspired sweets and treats to bake for your family during isolation, then this is not the place. But if you’re on the hunt for awful-looking baking fails to make you feel better about your own efforts, then have we got a selection of sweets to tickle your ego.

Cookies, cakes, breads and bickies, oh my! Have a look at our top 10 fave isolation baking fails of the week.

1. These law-breaking cookies

Guess they didn’t get the 1.5m memo.

2. This Jacinta cake

Okay, so this is actually pretty feckin’ good I reckon. You know, as far as creepy cakes go. I wonder how Jacinta tasted.

3. This very melty brownie

Clearly trying to escape the madness of isolation.

4. These delicious vegan piles of poop

With extra crunch on top.

5. This horrific creature 

Look closely and it appears to have little fingers grasping for the table. #HelpMe

6. This penis pancake

It’s just not a baking fail roundup without a few phallic fails.

7. This dirty Dolly cake 

Looks like Dolly’s been doing the 9pm to 5am shift…

8. This squashed seal

Is it a cake or a giant potato?

9. This hot mess

When you run out of icing and use hot tar instead…

10. And, finally, this pan of Sasquatch feces

The horror.


Stay home and bake

These are only a few of the hilarious quarantine baking fails making the rounds and proving that many of us are spending our days in the kitchen, attempting to learn a new skill while staying home.

If you are on the hunt for easy failproof baking goods, then these ones are worth a second look.

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