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Cousin Offers Homemade Baby Shower Gift, Mum Declines, Calling Her a Cheapskate. What?!

Homemade gifts are given with so much love and thought, it’s a real privilege to be on the receiving end of such gifts, right? Not always. This mum-to-be flatly refused said gift calling this clever crafter a “cheapskate” and “depriving her unborn baby of needed supplies”. Say WHAT?!

A woman posted to Reddit asking for opinions to see if she’s being unrealistic in refusing to purchase a baby gift for her cousin’s second baby shower. And the story has to be heard to be believed.

Would you like a unique, made with love baby blanket? No. No I don’t actually.

A talented sewer, the woman says she makes baby blankets for all her family and friends who are expecting babies. She had previously given her cousin a homemade baby blanket for her first-born as a gift. She said he loves it, frequently carrying it around and snuggling into it, years later. So it was a given that she’d make another for her cousin’s bub. But alas, not this time.

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Homemade gifts for baby are SO special. Made to be treasured! Source: Bigstock

The woman wrote:

“Recently I got an e-mail from Beth reminding everyone about her upcoming baby shower … and had added a gift registration for guests to sign off on. I looked through it and was amazed about how expensive everything was! I understand that baby supplies can be pricey, but the cheapest thing on the registration is a stuffed rabbit costing $25″.

“There were a lot of other things I find personally silly and inappropriate to ask for from family, such as nipple cream, new pyjamas (for Beth, not the baby), maternity diapers, etc.”.

Don’t stray from the registry

She goes on to say she’s a university student and couldn’t afford the things on her cousin’s baby gift registry. Plus, a homemade baby blanket is super sweet and a unique gift – no one else has anything like it, how special. #NOPE

“I texted my cousin and let her know that I could not really afford some of the items she asked for, but I would be more than happy to make a personalized baby blanket to match the nursery (woodland-themed).”

“I got a text back immediately from her saying that I had to pick something from the registry or purchase a gift card from Babies ‘R Us with a minimum amount of $100. I asked if there was an issue with her son’s blanket that would warrant her refusal of accepting my gift, and she stated that because it was homemade it looked “tacky” and it made her look cheap for not having a tag attached to it.”

Um. Excuse me?

The clincher – the blanket backtrack

Understandably, the Reddit poster dug her heels in at such rudeness and informed her cousin she wouldn’t be buying a gift from the registry.

“Under no circumstances, will be applying to her gift registration, and now she can kiss the baby blanket goodbye. Beth became upset stating that I was a cheapskate and was depriving her unborn baby of needed supplies. I pointed out that she still had plenty of toys, books, old clothes, strollers, etc. from her first child that she could still use.”

The worst was yet to come when after a few days of silent treatment from the cousin, she text back to say “she would take the blanket”.


Rightly so, the woman told her cousin the homemade blanket offer was no longer available and she wouldn’t be attending her baby shower. Since the altercation, the Reddit poster has been plagued with complaining phone calls and texts from cousins and aunts saying she’s a bad person. #DRAMA

Homemade gifts are a winner, the internet says so

Opinions came thick and fast on Reddit with many people saying they love homemade gifts too and that the woman was right to abandon the shower.

“Rejecting a handmade gift is a jerk move, anyway, especially since her older kid was using the blanket you made.”

“I have a knit blanket my GREAT grandmother made that my grandma passed down to me. I never even met my great and I cherish it!”

“Anyone with any amount of sense knows how much more valuable of a gift a homemade blanket is than a store-bought one.”

“What an ass she is. I knit and crochet baby blankets for pretty much everyone. If someone said what she did they wouldn’t be getting anything from me, ever.”

“She’s a choosy beggar who then doubled-down & enrolled a bunch of family as her flying monkeys. Sod them all.”

I LOVE to gift my nearest and dearest with things I’ve created myself so this hits close to home for me. Am I being a cheapskate too?!

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Homemade gifts are the MOST special gifts of all! Source: Bigstock

Be thankful!

So, folks, the lesson here must be don’t be ungrateful. If someone offers the time to make you a gift made with love and skills, you’re a special person to be on the receiving end. We’d love to hear of any homemade gifts you’ve received made especially for you!

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  1. Avatar of Maria

    What a selfish little cow, sorry but if the cap fits, wear it!! I have a x stitch name plate hand made for my son, it is now 30 years old and still takes its place on my walls!

  2. Avatar of Karen

    The homemade blanket may not be the real issue. The mum-to be could be “overly hormonal “. Response could be emotional rather than her true personality.

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