Happy Hump Day! Here’s Some Hot Aussie Firefighters Holding Cute Animals

Need something to get you through the week? How about a bunch of sexy shirtless firemen cuddling up to an assortment of adorable animals? 

Because we all deserve a mid-week pick-me-up.

Plus, we’re calling it. They’re Australian. You’re Australian. Consider it your patriotic duty to scroll on.

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Wine Wednesday is much better with a side of sexy fireman. And what goes best with rock-hard abs?

How about soft and snuggly puppies?’

Enter the 2018 Australian Firefighters Calendar, which, since 1993, has raised over $2.3 million for the Children’s Hospital Foundation. This year’s calendar collection will ensure you have hot firefighters to stare at every day of the year. Hooray!

Let the parade of puppies begin…

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hot Aussie firefighters holding puppies

But wait, it gets better! Some of the sexy firefighters are holding koalas. And chatting to dingos. It doesn’t get any more Aussie than that!
hot Aussie firefighters holding a koala for charity calendar
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This guy below doesn’t have a puppy. Or a koala. But he still gets a mention. *Hi there*.

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Okay, so fawning over sexy men cute animals is always fun. But your perving soulful looking is also supporting a good cause – the Children’s Hospital Foundation. You have to go and buy one of these calendars ($20), of course. But after this little sneaky peek, how could you not? Is it getting hot in here? Maybe it’s just the video below. Take a look and see.

There are heaps of different calendars to choose from, including Hot Firefighters At the Zoo, Hot Firefighters Hold Puppies and Hot Fighters Just Standing Around Being Hot. Or, if you can’t choose, you can always buy them all. It’s for a good cause, after all…

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