WIN: How To Make Your Fresh Food Last Longer with Tupperware®

Do you know how to store your carrots so they don’t bend more than a gymnast? Or how to freeze a fridge crisper full of vegetables to use weeks down the track? Nope? Many don’t so you’re not alone. With fresh produce sometimes at a premium, and our quest to try to hit the stores at a minimum, we’re here to help you save money (and time) on your fresh food quest!

Food wastage at an all-time high

Food storage is often overlooked and as a result, we throw out WAY too much food. And right now, during these uncertain times, we need to make sure our fresh food lasts longer.  Say goodbye to half-used zucchinis dying in the crisper and celery or carrots so flexible they should be in the school’s gymnastics squad!  We all want to spend less money on groceries and waste less food. And, the answer is simple, the correct storage.

Cue Tupperware – the all-round storage superhero (minus the cape) Not only are they a superstar in the pantry, but also the fridge and freezer too!

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From pantry to fridge to freezer, Tupperware® have ALL the food storage solutions.

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Plus, you can WIN an amazing Tupperware prize pack, valued at more than $1000!

Yes, we’ve rolled all of our favourite Tupperware packs into one GIANT PRIZE and it could be yours! The prize pack contains EVERYTHING you need to make storing your food in the fridge AND freezer a breeze, ensuring you get the very BEST out of your groceries every week. Read on to find out what you can win and how you can win it!

No need to leave the house, Tupperware is available ONLINE!

COVID-19 and social distancing rules have meant we have to put a temporary hold on pouring the champagne and breaking out the cheese for a fun in-house Tupperware party. But there’s still a pretty clever way to get your hands on your favourite goodies from the comfort of your own home!

Yep, there are two clever and social isolating-friendly ways to get your hands on your next order:

  1. ORDER ONLINE: You can now jump onto the Tupperware website to order products and have them delivered straight to your door!
  2. HOST A VIRTUAL PARTY ONLINE: Did you know Tupperware parties are also available online – they have been running for a while actually! But this is an ideal option for now as face-to-face parties are off-limits. Friends can join in on watching a demo and discover new exciting products from the comfort of their own home – and you can reap some sweet host bonuses too!

It’s clever food storage that WILL make your food last longer!

If you want to get the most out of your fresh food, it’s REALLY important to store your food properly! Here are our top four Tupperware picks that have proven themselves time and time again.

1. Tupperware VentSmart™ range

The heroes of the fridge, Tupperware VentSmarts are designed to keep your fruit and vegetables in PERFECT conditions for longevity. The unique venting system helps you regulate the airflow, keeping everything fresher for longer. Carrots will remain snap fresh for WEEKS (sorry gymnastics squad!)

The ultimate money saver, VentSmart containers are priced from $49.

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Tupperware® VentSmarts

2. Tupperware Clear Mates range

There’s nowhere to hide with Tupperware Clear Mates! Avoid the dreaded deli meat sweat by decanting into a Clear Mate container to keep it fresher for longer. Great for olives, soft cheese, dips and sauces, Clear Mates demand to be noticed on the shelf fridge!

Clear Mates sets start at $61.

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Tupperware® Clear Mates

3. Tupperware Heat ‘N Eat range

The Tupperware Heat ‘N Eat range makes storing leftovers easy. The portioned sizes also make freezing and reheating a cinch. Taking leftovers for lunch or finding a quick meal for one in the freezer has never been easier. These awesome all-rounders are dishwasher safe, freezer safe and microwave safe. TICK, TICK AND TICK.

Tupperware Heat ‘N Eat sets start at $72.

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Tupperware® Heat ‘N Eat containers

4. Tupperware FreezerKeeper range

Freezer space is valuable real estate, and thankfully you can make the most of your freezer space with Tupperware FreezerKeepers! FreezerKeepers prevent freezer burn, stack together perfectly and have just the right amount of flex to them, making frozen foods super easy to remove (no ice pick required). The coloured seals are handy for identifying and grouping foods together, if you’re feeling fancy.

Tupperware FreezerKeeper sets are priced from $69.

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Tupperware® FreezerKeepers

Vegetables and fruit you can freeze

Sometimes we don’t get around to eating EVERYTHING we buy – so why not freeze it?

  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Mango
  • Mushrooms
  • Pumpkin
  • Peas
  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Brussel sprouts
  • Cabbage
  • Carrots, and
  • Cauliflower

There are SO many more (even fresh eggs) that can be frozen so it pays to get savvy on what you can (and can’t) freeze. Some require blanching and some don’t, which leads me to the next point…

Let’s be clear, blanching (boiling vegetables for a very short time) isn’t something we should be afraid of. It’s a super easy step which locks in flavour, colour, texture and ensures your veggies are dirt-free before freezing. The Tupperware team make it really easy to know what to blanch, how to blanch and for how long in their handy Freezing Guide – How To Freeze Vegetables.

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mum central

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Feeling a little unsure and need some inspiration?

We hear you! Fortunately the TupperBlog is where you’ll find everything you need to level up to domestic goddess status. There’s three Freezing Guides to read up on everything you need to know from basics to how to cook your frozen vegetables to information on how to sort your fridge and properly store your fresh fruit, vegetables and meat in the fridge to make them last!

You can also find a whole lot of awesome FREE recipes on the Tupperware website. Not just delicious comfort eats like easy chicken and vegetable risotto or the kids favourite macaroni cheese, but DIY baby wipes too!

mum centralRight now is also an awesome time to join the Tupperware team as they’ve been successfully working from home since 1961! Find out more on how to kick start your very own Tupperware business journey and work handy, family-friendly flexible hours.

Ready to make the most of your fresh fruit and vegetables now? Order your Tupperware products today by simply hitting the Shop Now button below to browse the collection, view the latest catalogue and shop direct with delivery to your door. SWEET!

You can also get your hands on our MASSIVE $1000 Tupperware prizepack, so be sure to scroll down to enter!

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We have a SUPERSIZED Tupperware prize pack up for grabs! Valued at over $1000, this prize haul is bulging with these brilliant Tupperware sets:

VentSmart Mega Set including:

  • 2 x Mini 375ml,
  • 3 x Small Low 800ml,
  • 2 x Small High 1.8L,
  • 2 x Medium Low 1.8L
  • 2 x Medium High 4.4L VentSmarts

Clear Mates Mega Set including:

  • 2 x Mini 2 205ml,
  • 1 x Rectangle 2 460ml,
  • 4 x Square 2 1.04L,
  • 2 x Large Rectangle 1 685ml
  • 1 x Large Rectangle 2 1.62L Clear Mates

Heat ‘N Eat Mega Set including:

  • 5 x Rectangles 600ml,
  • 2 x Soup Mugs 500ml,
  • 1 x Rectangle 1L Heat ‘N Eat container

FreezerKeeper Mega Set including:

  • 8 x Small Low 450ml,
  • 8 x Small High 1.1L
  • 4 x Medium Low 1L FreezerKeepers

Want to live out your wildest Tupperware dreams across your fridge and freezer? Simply fill out the form below to enter and we could be calling your name!

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