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Do You Love Organising and Looking For a Career Change?

I am a mum therefore I love organised cupboards.  Well, that may not exactly be true but being able to actually store and find things in the house certainly makes life a lot less stressful.

Which is why I do, in fact, love Howards Storage World. It’s a whole world dedicated to making my life more organised which means less stressful which means more excellent.


And now there’s something even more exciting happening at Howards Storage World. They have launched their direct sales channel.

Howards At Home is the newest kid on the block. Launched earlier in the year, their in-home workshops are designed to help you declutter and organise your home…from your home! Yep, the best part is that the trained consultants come to you. They can tailor a workshop to suit a ‘trouble spot’ within your home for an in-situ makeover or you can choose from one of their workshop themes. And just to be clear, when I say “workshop” what I really mean is party. Invite your friends over one afternoon [or evening!] put out a cheese platter or two and crack open some bubbles. What better way to learn new tricks and order some gear to make your life easier?

But wait! There’s more! This is where it gets really exciting!

They are looking for Foundation Consultants right now which means NOW is the perfect time to join a brand new consultant community.

This is like the dream job for mums looking for flexible, part-time work. The products are such good quality that they pretty much sell themselves [have you ever walked out of a Howards Storage World WITHOUT buying anything?] and you decide how little or how much you want to earn, just by tailoring your working hours around your life and family commitments. This is the definition of ‘being your own boss’. And the byproduct is that you get to organise your own house while you’re teaching everyone how to organise theirs. Now that really is a WIN/WIN proposition!

PLUS they are offering every new consultant that registers and purchases the Organising Basics Starter Kit  from Mum Central a FREE Contigo Westloop Travel Mug [which is the bees knees of travel mugs] valued at $34.95! Offer ends September 30.



Check out some of their room makeovers, results of their in home workshops!

Kids Wardrobe Makeover:


Tween Wardrobe Makeover:


Laundry Makeover:


If you reckon this is right up your organised alley, then submit your expression of interest here as soon as possible. There’s no better time than right now to start your dream career!

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