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Mum Customises IKEA Highchair with a Stunning Makeover

From drab to fab, this Aussie mum transformed her humble $25 IKEA highchair into a gorgeous gold-tipped throne fit for a princess! AND YOU CAN TOO!

Known for its streamlined, modern aesthetic, the iconic IKEA Antilop highchair has long been a popular choice for families. But even the most classic of looks could benefit from a makeover, and that’s exactly what one mum did.

Together with a keen eye for accessories and a flex of the DIY muscle, Sarah transformed her IKEA Antilop highchair into a chair of beauty – and we’re mighty impressed by the new look!

Customise your IKEA highchair in no time…

Want to give your IKEA Antilop highchair a new lease of life? Here’s what you need!

Firstly, the highchair. Take one IKEA Antilop highchair, $24.99 (If you don’t have one, check Facebook Marketplace. People are selling these at bargain prices ALL the time!). Give it a good clean!

IKEA highchair
The iconic IKEA ANTILOP highchair, $24.99. Source: IKEA

Let the makeover begin!

IKEA high chair
Accessories are EVERYTHING with this makeover. Sources: Bunnings, Grub Kids, Ari Collective

Accessories play a HUGE part in this customisation. Sarah kindly shared the details with Mum Central:

New look legs! A coat of paint gave the highchair dazzling new legs (which seems easy enough, am I right?). Sarah says “I just spray painted the legs gold, using Dulux metallic finish”, but anyone who’s faced the great wall of spray cans at Bunnings will know you can pick just about any colour you fancy. Expect to pay around $20 for a can of spray paint.

Comfort counts and the cotton canvas, completely washable chair cushion cover (and cushion) can be found at Etsy store, Ari Collective, priced from $42.

The silicone placemat, $30, can be purchased from Etsy store, Grub Kids. It’s snug, custom fit is perfect for stopping bowls sliding around the tray and preventing stains. Simply remove, clean and pop back in place for the next meal. Easy.

Also available from Etsy’s Grub Kids is the adjustable timber footrest, $42. A really clever addition to the chair, not only does the footrest look great, it helps promote correct posture and stability for kids during meal times.

Plain duckling becomes a swan!

IKEA high chair
A beautiful result! Source: Facebook / Sarah Kate

Nice work Sarah, we love it! You’ve turned this plain duckling of a highchair into a beautiful swan. A fantastic way to personalise a highchair or breathe new life into an old one. So, the only thing left to ask is – what’s for lunch?

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