Jetstar Just Dropped Free Flights To Japan

I don’t know about you but these MEGA LONG school holidays have me feeling like I need a real holiday. But I have no more cash. The children used it all up on activities, ice creams and other crap. Luckily the Jetstar return for FREE sale just dropped.

That’s right, a flight to Japan will set you back $269 return. That’s cheaper than two days of holiday care for my kids. Or maybe I could just escape with my mum-friends.

Surely there’s a catch? Nope. Not really. Just make sure your dates line up and you get in quick.

The best Jetstar Return for Free Flights

  • Cairns-Osaka from $269 return
  • Cairns-Tokyo from $299 return
  • Gold Coast-Tokyo from $389 return

If you live outside the Gold Coast or Cairns, you can book a connecting flight.

Osaka Castle Japan Jetstar return for free sale
Osaka Castle, Osaka Japan. Photo: BigStock

When can you book?

You can depart anytime you want. But you can only find the Jetstar return for free flights between these dates:

From Tokyo (Narita) to/via Cairns

15 April to 27 April, 7 May to 21 July, 18 August to 17 September, 7 October to 17 December 2020 and 28 January to 19 March 2021.

From Tokyo (Narita) to/via Gold Coast

17 August to 17 September and 7 October to 17 December 2020.

Fom Osaka (Kansai) to/via Cairns

12 March to 27 April, 7 May to 21 July, 17 August to 17 September, 7 October to 17 December 2020 and 28 January to 19 March 2021.

When is Easter?

It’s on the 12th of April. So yes, hell yes you can use this to travel to Japan with the fam over Easter. If you are looking to maximise your annual leave check this story before you book. And here’s the link to the school term dates for 2020

How do I book?

You need to head on over to Jetstar’s website. But come back. Because we have loads more stories to entertain you. Try some of these for a laugh:


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