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Mum Packs Nerf Gun in Labour Bag to Stop Husband Sleeping


Send this mum ALL the applause. She deserves it after coming up with this ingenious plan to prevent her husband from snoozing while she’s busy pushing out a baby.

What’s the plan, you ask? It’s simple. Shoot him with a nerf gun.

Mum hack level 1000

Husbands. They can drink ALL the coffee in the world, but when it’s 3 am and they are sitting in a hospital chair, there’s a pretty good chance they are going to doze off.

Samantha Mravik-Miller is all too familiar with this typical labour ward scenario, She watched her husband do this exact thing twice before. While she laboured through the night, she caught her well-meaning husband dozing in the chair beside her.

Yes, we get it. Its 3 am. The chair is comfortable. And their uteruses are not being ripped into two. But, come on guys, let’s try and stay awake for this monumental experience.

With baby #3 on the way, Samantha decided to bring back-up in the event of another on-duty sleep session. Nestled beside the mesh undies and the chapstick, she packed a nerf gun she borrowed from her son’s toy gun collection.

Why? To gently wake her husband up in the event he falls asleep (again). A couple of rounds of toy bullets to the head should do the trick…

Ready, aim, shoot

The clever mum’s nerf gun labour idea is a step up from what she used when she was in the hospital with her first son. She tells Cafemom and shared in a Facebook video. 

I remember having been on oxygen, I had no voice. My call button was out of reach. I resorted to throwing a water bottle at him to get his help and I missed.

This time I had to have a C-section, so I knew I was going to be less mobile than the last time. I thought Heck no, and with the 400 Nerf guns we have and being an all-boy mum, I have some good aim.”

So simple, so practical, so awesome, especially when in the hospital and you’re probably in too much pain to get up from the bed, walk over to your husband and give him a gentle smack tap on the head.

Nerf gun labour hack a winner for everyone

And it’s not just us who think so! Her simple nerf gun labour trick is clearly a winner for mums around the globe. It’s been shared 17,000 times and counting.

I knew I couldn’t have been the only mum who looked at her husband snoring away with useless man nipples after birth and wanted to take a shot with a Nerf gun.” 

Nope. Definitely not the only mum. So to the ladies heading into the labour ward, don’t forget to pack your guns AND a bucket load of bullets.

They will come in handy during those all-night newborn sessions too. After all, husbands have an uncanny ability to sleep through baby cries too.

And don’t even get us started on their useless nipples… 


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