Jetstar’s Afterpay Plan Just Got Even Better for Aussie Families Who Need a Holiday

Wanting to get away with the kids for Christmas but not sure your bank account agrees?

It’s okay. Jetstar has you covered.

Last month Jetstar announced  that customers can book now and pay later for domestic flights using Afterpay.  What this means is that you don’t have to front the funds straight away, making it easier to plan – and pay for – your next holiday.

Jetstar is the only Australian airline that offers a ‘fly now, pay later’ deal with Afterpay​ and thousands of people are taking advantage of it. Right now, the system works with domestic flights only and must be booked at least eight week in advance.

But yesterday Jetstar announced a big change to the system. Passengers can book now and pay later for flights just four weeks away!  With Christmas and school holidays almost here, the timing couldn’t be more perfect!

Jetstar and Afterpay – a match made in traveller’s heaven

The next stop on the Jetstar/Afterpay plan is to offer their book now, pay later system on international flights. Bali holiday, here we come!

At the moment, Afterpay works on flights costing $200 to $1000 and only in and around Australia. There is a service fee of $10, but, hey, it’s a small price to pay to take advantage of holiday deals and secure your seats in advance, without forking out all your cash.

The Afterplay plan is already proving more popular than the airline company’s decision to bill parents $30 for travelling with a baby on their lap. Jetstar says it introduced the fee to cover the baggage handling costs for baby equipment, including bulky prams and car seats.

If you’re looking to get away (and pay later), have a squizz at the latest deal at Paradise Resort Gold Coast, where you can book now and get $1495 extras for free.

Bon voyage.

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    I believe putting a holiday on a payment plan is irresponsible lending, and as such may well put families in further financial hardship. People who need to live within their Means.

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