Mum Fosters Abandoned Baby Girl Not Knowing She’s Her Son’s Biological Sister

A few years ago Katie Page found herself at a crossroads.  She was in her early 30s, recently divorced, childless, and ready for a major change. So she moved to Colorado and decided to become a foster mum.

Little did she know that the road to fostering would leave her with three beautiful children of her own. She didn’t give birth to any of them, but, through a crazy coincidence, they turned out to actually be biological siblings.

And they are just the sweetest things you’ve ever seen! Katie shares her story on her Wood and Grace page and we, like the rest of the world, are blown away by how amazing it is.

How it all began

Back in 2016 and after successfully fostering four children, Katie got a phone call from a caseworker explaining there was a four-day-old nameless boy who was dropped off at the local hospital. Could Katie foster the newborn until they tracked down family? 

Katie agreed and picked the nameless baby up. She named him Grayson and fostered him for 11 months while the social workers tried to track down his biological parents.


They couldn’t find them and, so, on Grayson’s 11-month-old birthday, Katie became his official mum.

A strange coincidence 

Two weeks later Katie received another call. There was another abandoned baby at the same hospital. This time a little girl.

Could Katie take her in too?

Although she knew it would be overwhelming having two babies under the age of one in the house, she couldn’t say no. Hours later the newborn girl was dropped off at the house and Katie and Grayson met Hannah for the first time.


As Katie cradled the newborn baby in her arms, she noticed the baby’s bracelet had the birth mother’s name on it. Strangely, it was the same name Grayson’s birth mother had given to the hospital.

She then noticed the birth mother also shared the same birth date as Grayson’s birth mum.

The perfect sibling adoption 

Although Grayson and Hannah didn’t look anything alike – Grayson is half African American with darker skin and dark curly hair and Hannah has pale white skin with straight red-blonde hair – Katie had a sneaky suspicion they may be related.

And she was right. Katie managed to track down Hannah’s birth mother and the mother confirmed that, yes, she had also delivered a baby boy around 12 months ago. DNA confirmed that the two were half-siblings.

After 571 days of fostering Hannah, Katie officially adopted the little girl in 2008, ensuring that these two siblings will always be together.

And look at these two peas in a pod! Butter wouldn’t melt…

Jackson makes triple sibling adoption (hopefully!) 

But wait, it gets even better because there’s another baby in the picture. And he is Hannah and Grayson’s other biological sibling!

Jackson shares the same biological mum as Hannah and Grayson and was born in August 2018, just 18 months after baby Hannah (and 2.5 years after baby Grayson). Yep – it’s three under three for this busy Mumma!


Although Jackson currently lives with Katie, Hannah, and Grayson, he isn’t officially adopted yet – just in foster care at this stage hence the blurred out images on Katie’s Instagram page. However, Katie is praying she is able to adopt Jackson in the coming months.

What a beautiful family and such a happy coincidence! And how adorable are the siblings??!

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