We’ve Discovered The Man Behind Hoot the Owl’s Voice and He’s HOOT HOOT Indeed!

Hoot Hoot! We all know that unbearably annoying owl from Giggle and Hoot. Actually, I think there are a few different unbearably annoying owls on the show now. Anyhoo, turns out, the voice behind Hoot is, in fact, a 20-something- Central Coast actor by the name of David Simes.

And, Hellooooo Hoot!

Newsflash: Hoot is a hottie!

All the cool mums know Giggle and Hoot. It’s a show on ABC Kids starring Jimmy Giggle and Hoot the Owl. They wear pajamas, they talk in squeaky voices and they delight our little ones.


Jimmy Giggle, played by father-of-three Jimmy Rees has been somewhat of a mummy sex symbol for years now. He’s also funny-as and always shares adorable photos of his three kids (Lenny and twins Vinnie and Mack) on Facebook if you wanna follow him.

But little did we know that Hoot was just as hunky! Well, not Hoot, cause he was a stuffed owl, but the puppet master behind Hoot.

Need proof? I’ve stalked his Instagram account. You’re welcome.


So who is David Simes?

David Simes started playing Hoot back in 2009 when he was the ripe ol’ age of 17 (if my maths are correct here). In addition to voicing Hoot, he also voiced Giggle Fangs and Hootpa.

However, David gave up the owl gig back in 2018 in order to star as James Potter in the stage show Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, so the most recent episodes of Giggle and Hoot don’t include David.

The big TikTok reveal

The actor unveiled the truth in his TikTok account sharing a bunch of stills from back in his Hoot days, many of which include Jimmy and him in full costume. And, from the video, it looks like the boys had a “hoot” together.

@david.simesflash back to when i played an owl named Hoot @jimmyrees ##giggleandhoot

♬ Moon (And It Went Like) – Kid Francescoli

As expected, TikTok users (especially mums who are forced to watch the show thanks to their kids) were gobsmacked.

Why? Well, for one, he managed to keep his Hoot days a secret for several years. Not exactly a secret, but definitely under wraps.

For two, it’s shocking to know that this handsome baby-faced young man was the high pitched shrill behind Hoot. And to think we were perving on Jimmy all this time!

And, third, and most importantly, he has gone through quite the epic glow-up while hiding behind Hoot.

Case in point:

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Day off

A post shared by David Simes (@davidsimes) on

Hoot’s shoot to fame

What a way to start your career in the television industry – with your hand up an owl’s butt! But, for David, it clearly gave him the upper hand as he’s well on his way to making his mark.

In addition to starring in Harry Potter And The Cursed Child, he has also starred in many local theatre productions in Australia and TV commercials for companies like Telstra, KFC and Kellogg’s.

And isn’t he just a picture of handsomeness?

We’ve borrowed a few more Insta photos for your viewing pleasure.

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tb to a shoot with @josephpierrephotography

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Mind. Blown.

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