Katy Perry Reflects on Motherhood “There’s Still Vomit on the Floor and My Boobs Are Still Out!”

We LOVE Katy Perry for being one of the most relatable celebrity mums getting around town these days. She’s here to remind us she’s just like us, and last week we saw her guest-host (yes, HOST) The Ellen Show. This time she bared all about new motherhood and spoke some familiar truths (hello boobs and vomit) about being a mum to a one-year-old.

Katy Perry really hasn’t slowed down a whole lot in recent years. She’s been a rockstar judge on American Idol since 2018, had a baby and released her latest album last year and now what is sure to be a career highlight for Katy, guest-hosting The Ellen Show, after being a guest ELEVEN times. Score!

Katy says “I’m so, SO proud to be her mother”

Katy and her fiance Orlando Bloom welcomed their first child together last year, a daughter named Daisy in August of last year. And it’s clear Katy has been revelling in her mum role ever since. She cracked a few jokes on motherhood while guest-hosting The Ellen Show last week (on her 37th birthday, no less!) and it was the absolute best!

While on stage in front of a live audience, Katy spoke of her motherhood journey, saying it’s an experience unlike any other and really not that dissimilar to being a pop star at all. Cue the laughs.

“Now that I’m a mum my life is actually totally different. And yet I realise it’s kind of similar to being a pop star. You’re up all night, usually holding a bottle of some kind. There’s vomit on the floor and your boobs are always out.”

YouTube video

I mean, she’s not wrong. Perhaps we’re ALL closet pop stars?

Katy Perry performs NEW version of Roar

Katy went on to sing a toddler rendition of her massive hit, Roar and honestly, you’ll be singing it too because damn, the lady hit the nail on the head. Want to watch it for yourself? Take a look at it below!


YouTube video

It’s all peace, love and fun for Katy

A scroll through Katy Perry’s Instagram page reveals this lady is all about peace, love and fun. You won’t find photos of her and Orlando’s baby girl there, which shows that they do value her privacy away from the celebrity spotlight. Daisy’s birth announcement is the only appearance this sweet bub has made since she arrived Earthside.

Katy Perry
Daughter Daisy’s only appearance on her mum’s Instagram page. Daisy! Source: Instagram

Always willing to poke some fun at herself, what you will find is fun Halloween snaps of Katy and Orlando dressed as ‘Doctor DILF’ (LOL) and Katy, a Katy & Perry vaccine, among snaps of the couple enjoying life, just as any other couple. That is, if we forget how famous and ridiculously good looking they are, just for a second.

Katy Perry
Cool parents: Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom NAIL Halloween 2021. Source: Instagram

There’s even a video of Katy altogether with Orlando Bloom’s ex-wife and mother of Orlando’s two older sons, Miranda Kerr, displaying some #wellnessWednesday fun. It is quite endearing to know they’re amicable and one big happy, extended family. Sweet!

Katy Perry
Orlando’s ex-wife Miranda Kerr and Katy Perry appear to be great friends which is awesome! Source: Instagram

Busy times ahead for Katy Perry!

Not only will this mama be continuing in her American Idol judging role, but Katy also excitedly announced she’s landed a super sweet ongoing Las Vegas residency gig, kicking off in December 2021. Is there ANYTHING this woman can’t do? Bravo girl!

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