Video: This is What a Clogged Milk Duct Really Looks Like

Spoiler alert: It’s disgusting.

Okay, you’ve been warned. What you’re about to see is pretty crazy. But this clogged milk duct video is also proof that breastfeeding women are massive champions and that mastitis is insanely painful.

I’ve had it a handful of times and every time it rendered me useless for hours at a time – until the antibiotics kicked in. I’m talking intense pain, fierce body aches, cold and hot sweats, crazy fever dreams. The whole shebang. But never did I experience anything remotely as intense as mumma, Tyler Marie Oates experienced.

Clogged milk duct goes viral

Tyler recently shared a few videos of just what came out of her breasts during a particularly scary bout of mastitis. That chunky, white, goo? That’s breastmilk.

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And I may never want to breastfeed again.

However, this clog isn’t your average clog – this one led to sepsis – a very serious infection that can be deadly if not treated. We’re guessing that Tyler would have been hospitalised for this but she’s on the mend now.

Now, to the people sitting quietly at the back, trying not to spew, allow me to elaborate on what mastitis actually is. Mastitis is usually caused by a blocked duct or by bacteria getting into the breast (often via cracked nipples). Your breasts get hot, red, and sore and you probably develop a massive egg in your boob. Plus you feel like absolute ass – fevery, achy, like the man flu but about 8 gazillion times worse.

It’s pretty common in breastfeeding mothers and is one of the many reasons why breastfeeding mums deserve ALL the trophies in the world for doing what they do. You will also usually need to take a dose of antibiotics to get rid of it – and attempt to unclog that sucker with lots of heavy rubbing or sucking.

So, there you go. Learn something new every day. Interested in more fun facts about being a new mum? Check out:


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    Here’s a helpful tip that one of my sisters shared with me, as you begin to breastfeed, buy fresh cabbage and rinse the leaves and keep them cool in your fridge. As your breast milk begins and your breast swell and becomes warmer or hot & very painful, wrap each breast with the cool cabbage leaves.
    A true Amazing miracle begins to happen, your breast actually stop hurting and your able to nurse and hold your newborn baby.
    Keep changing out the cabbage leaves as you continue to breast feed and your breast are still hurting.
    Also massage your breast starting from the back moving forward towards your nipple or have someone help you (because this hurts) this will help activate the lobules which stores your breast milk and makes breastfeeding less painful. Your nipple starts spraying your breast milk like a straight water gun and as you continue to breastfeed it will change like a shower head and your breast milk will flow faster. When your nipple becomes sore, use your own breast milk to heal them, nothing else., just squeeze out a little breast milk and air dry. After all of this is done..! And no one tells you any of this.
    I hope this information will help you along your way to bond and have both a healthy, happy baby and mom.

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