$20 Kmart Christmas Tree Collar Gets a Magical Hamptons Makeover!

We love brilliant luxe-looks-for-less style hacks here at Mum Central and this mum has nailed it with her Christmas project. It’s a Kmart find turned into an elegant Hamptons-style Kmart Christmas tree collar!

Posting to the Facebook group The Hamptons Home Decorator AU, Rikki-Lee Desborough showed us how you can achieve that luxurious high-end expensive look for a lot less at Kmart. Cue her very clever Hamptons-look Christmas tree collar hack.

Kmart Christmas tree collar hack
Rikki-Lee gave the Kmart Christmas Tree Collars a glow-up, Hamptons style. Source: Rikki-Lee Desborough

Kmart Christmas tree collar gets an elegant makeover

“Just wanted to share Kmart’s gorgeous traditional wooden tree collar.

I purchased three of these tree collars to swap out the Fresh Cut Christmas tree pattern and add in the traditional Hamptons cross pattern to display on the front and sides of my tree collars this year.

I pulled them apart and swapped the sides around to make them work, re-stapled the velcro and painted them white. So simple and cost-effective at $20 each and I just love them!”

I’ve got to give full credit to these ladies who can vision these design ideas when perusing the aisles of Kmart and then share them with like-minded folk because this kind of levelled-up Christmas style is frankly speaking, right up my Christmas stocking!

Kmart Christmas tree collar hack
Double the trees, double Christmas magic! Source: Rikki-Lee Desborough

The clean and fresh Hamptons style is a favourite of many here in Australia, with crisp white accents around the home and the all-familiar crosshatching details of white timber. It makes sense to extend those interior details to the Christmas tree trimmings to tie them into your decor. Needless to say, Rikki-Lee nailed the execution of not just blending one Christmas tree into her decor, but TWO. It was a case of doubling up on Kmart Christmas Tree collars, what a superstar!

Start the car, we’re going to Kmart

First things first, you’re going to have to hit up Kmart for their Traditional Tree Collars, $20 each. You’ll need white paint (or whichever colour you like) and if you don’t have any spare white paint hiding in your shed at home, you can even pick up Décor and Furniture Paint, $10, at Kmart. #onestopshop

Here’s what they look like in their natural state:

Kmart Christmas tree collar hack
Ripe for a Hamptons makeover, the Traditional Wooden Tree Collar is just $20 at Kmart. Source: Kmart

Just like Rikki-Lee mentioned, it’s a simple swap of a printed plate for a cross-hatched one, reattach and paint them white. So simple and so effective – just look at her magical Christmas setup, it makes me want to settle in with a glass of eggnog and croon Christmas carols, so very beautiful.


If you’d like to see more of Rikki-Lee’s gorgeous Christmas magic and beautiful home, you can follow her Instagram at Our White Hamptons Home!

But wait, there’s more Christmas tree collar hacks!

If your tree stand is too big for this particular Kmart Christmas tree collar hack, check out this clever hack using raffia baskets. You can make a sweet and neat tree collar to fit ANY sized tree – even a real tree in a pot of water!

Kmart Christmas tree collar
This Christmas tree collar hack also fits ANY size tree. Source: Stephanie Winckle

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