5 Indulgent Biscoff Recipes to Make Your Taste Buds Sing

Biscoff lovers reveal yourselves and unite! From cocktails to ice cream sandwiches, here are five deliciously indulgent Biscoff recipes to indulge in and keep handy this festive season!

I LOVE Biscoff, almost more than Nutella (I whispered that admission). Please, withhold your judgement both come off the spoon as easily as each other when hiding behind the pantry door… RIGHT? So who’s with me and ready to explore exactly what can be done with a jar of this delicious spread or packet of biscuits?

Wait, what’s Biscoff?

If you’re yet to experience Lotus Biscoff for yourself, boy are you in for a TREAT. With a unique taste, Biscoff hits the tastebuds as part sweet caramel, and part cinnamon with a hint of ginger-like aftertaste. Honestly, it’s difficult to describe and something that everybody should experience firsthand. Available in biscuit form or as a smooth or crunchy spread, I absolutely won’t judge you if you spread it ON the biscuit.


Without further ado, here are five fantastic ways to use Biscoff biscuits and Biscoff spread in your kitchen with some rather delectable Biscoff recipes. HOLY BATMAN BISCOFF YUM.

5 Indulgent Biscoff recipes to make your tastebuds sing!

1. Baileys and Biscoff Cocktail

It’s a marriage made in cocktail heaven where Baileys meets Biscoff and it’s the most excellent coffee and biscuit pairing ever. And on a Friday night (or any night), it’s a marriage made in Heaven tossed around in a cocktail shaker to create a creamy, sweet and delicious Baileys and Biscoff cocktail (or mocktail) in a flash!

Biscoff recipes
If you’re going to have a signature cocktail, make it a Biscoff-laced one. SO YUM. Source: Supplied

2. 3-Ingredient Biscoff Balls

This recipe needs to come with a warning: these are VERY MOREISH and frankly, hard to resist. Just three ingredients are all you need to recreate these delicious Biscoff balls. Even better, you could be popping them in your mouth in under 40 minutes from start to finish – just so you know.

Biscoff recipes
The perfect Biscoff hit, Biscoff balls! Source: Supplied

3. Biscoff cherry cake

If you’re in charge of desserts this Christmas, there’s no better time to pull out a showstopper centrepiece cake than now with this Biscoff cherry cake recipe. A light crumb cake sandwiched with Biscoff-infused chocolate icing and topped with in-season cherries. Shut up and take my Christmas money!

Biscoff cherry cake
Showstopper: Biscoff cherry cake – a dessert delight! Source: Woolworths

4. 3-Ingredient Biscoff ice cream

The very fact that this is the second recipe only requiring three ingredients is proof that Biscoff can hold its own in the flavour stakes, RIGHT? Now if they’re handing out awards for the easiest, most satisfying recipes this year, this Biscoff ice cream indeed is a front-runner in the race.  Just THREE ingredients and you don’t need an ice cream machine for this fancy pants Biscoff ice cream!

Biscoff ice cream, Biscoff recipes
Biscoff ice cream – the perfect sweet treat for the kids (and adults!) Source: Supplied

5. Biscoff ice cream sandwiches

Don’t close the freezer door just yet, the fabulous and super-talented Tigga Mac created the ultimate Biscoff ice cream sandwiches using condensed milk, melted Biscoff spread and packets of Biscoff biscuits. And you only need a couple of hours for setting time, phwoar! Check out exactly how it’s done in the clip below:

What say you, are you a Biscoff fan? We’d love to hear how you like to eat Biscoff best – and if that’s straight from the jar in the privacy of your pantry, that’s PERFECTLY OK. Don’t let anyone tell you any different!

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