This Cleaning Hack Transformed My Vinyl Floors and Cost Just 34 Cents!

OK, my mind is officially blown. I was prepared for the hard yards of this vinyl floor cleaning job but what I got was the complete opposite. No elbow grease, a sparkling clean floor and a glass of wine for my efforts. #winningatdomesticlife

Vinyl floors are great until they’re not

There’s a HUGE trend in vinyl flooring and vinyl planks at the moment and with good reason – it’s awesome for kids, heavy foot traffic and pets. And let’s not forget, vinyl flooring is easy to clean. *cough*

BUT. The textured tiny crevices of ‘wood-look’ vinyl is also a complete asshat of holding dirt. Like holds on to it tighter than a child wanting a Kinder Surprise in the lolly aisle at the supermarket. Despite weekly mopping, that inground dirt remains (and I may have chosen to ignore the detailed cleaning of it up until now, no judging please.)


denture tablet cleaning hack
On the left is before, on the right – 20 seconds later. FAST AND EFFICIENT.

The three things you need that will change your life forever.

I’d read about the power of denture-cleaning tablet hacks before but not on vinyl. So I like to think I took one for the team. One or two denture cleaning tablets and a stiff scrubbing brush are all that’s required. Add a spray bottle if you’re feeling fancy. I’m not talking it up, these really are all you need to TRANSFORM your vinyl floor.

denture tablet cleaning hack
The vinyl floor cleaning starter kit. THE ONLY KIT.

Have denture tablets! Now what?

I simply crush the tablets into the bottle so they fit through the opening, then top it up with warm water and wait for them to dissolve. A quick vacuum over the floor to pick up the day’s debris and I’m good to go.

Spray a section of the floor at a time, leave it a minute and simply give it a light scrub. Honestly, you don’t need to go hammers and tongs – the brush bristles get into the nooks and crannies that your mop glides over the top of.

denture tablet cleaning hack
So gross yet so satisfying.

Be prepared for wiping up a lot of muddy water as you scrub. Spray and scrub a section at a time, wiping up as you go until you reach the finish line. Pour yourself a wine as you marvel at your floor, smug in your efforts, you deserved it.

THE DIFFERENCE BLOWS MY MIND! And all for $0.34 worth of Polident denture tablets and a scrubbing brush from the shed. PLUS, my kitchen smells minty fresh. Talk about a cleaning gamechanger!

mum central
Section by section, YOU CAN DO IT!  Source: Supplied

What do you say? Have you looked at your vinyl floors up close only to see the same thing? Give this cleaning hack a crack today!

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