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Mum Turns Kmart Wooden Treehouse Into Stunning Coastal Villa

A sensational doll house reno if ever I’ve seen one, this mum has turned hers into prime real estate! My children are long past the doll house phase of life but HECK, I’ve never wanted to rush out and buy one more than what I do right this very minute.

Everyone seems to be renovating and redecorating during iso and so too is this mum – just on a much, much smaller scale. And boy, do we love it!

Danielle posted her superbly styled Kmart Wooden Treehouse ($39) to the Facebook group Kmart Hacks & Décor and not surprisingly, we were all in instant awe. Closely followed by chanting “we want to move in!” And cries of “please come style my ACTUAL house!”

Kmart dolls house
Look for this box at Kmart, just $39 to kick off an epic reno! Source: Kmart

Boasting a coastal vibe which wouldn’t be out of place at Byron Bay, Danielle’s doll house masterpiece is a work of pint-sized real estate ART. Danielle’s post reads:

“Sharing my most recent hack- the kids play treehouse into a little beach/surf style shack. We covered some MDF board with wallpaper and attached it to the back to create back walls then furnished it.”

Kmart dolls house
Could there be a more perfect wallpaper choice? Source: Facebook / Danielle Watkins

Sure, sounds simple enough. BUT JUST LOOK AT IT. The attention to detail Danielle has shown is eye-watering good. To say it’s stunning wouldn’t be an exaggeration. There are rattan light fixtures throughout, minuscule storage baskets and boho style pallet daybeds. And I’m about to lose my mind.

Kmart dolls house
I’m already packing my boxes to move in. Source: Facebook / Danielle Watkins

Danielle does say in several replies to the HUGE 294 comments (and counting) that she sourced most of the furniture from Etsy store Mini Home Co. You best make a coffee before checking them out, I promise you that it’s a rabbit hole of ‘ooohhhhh looky looky here’ standards. #wewarnedyou

mum central
Surfboard? OF COURSE THERE ARE! Source: Facebook / Danielle Watkins

Danielle does have a tip for us all though: She says take your time with a makeover of this sort and put together a careful vision before buying everything you need.” Which is WISE advice for any sized renovation – even a doll house-sized one. Thanks, Danielle!

As a result of such a stellar doll house makeover, it goes without saying that I’m adding the Wooden Treehouse to my ever-growing Kmart shopping list. Who’s with me?!

Kmart dolls house
Source: Facebook / Danielle Watkins

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