Vera Wang Turns 71 and Reveals the Secret to Her Youthful Looks


Designer to the stars and cashed-up mere mortals, Vera Wang, turned 71-years-old this week. Yep, SEVENTY-ONE. Let’s all let that sink in for a minute while I pick my jaw up off the floor.

If Vera’s Instagram is any indication, this talented woman is blessed with both an eye for fashion and AGE DEFYING GENES. Has she been drinking from the fountain of eternal youth?

Vera Wang
Vera turns 71. Hip hip HOORAY! Source: Instagram / @verawanggang

Spoiler alert incoming…

And now, the heartache: the plain simple truth of the matter is that turning 71 won’t look like this for many most of us. So now we all want whatever she’s having. Even if it is spring water from the Scottish Highlands and munching on unicorn toenails. We want it.

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The secret to Vera Wang’s eternal youth has a drive-thru

Alas, what Vera IS having is surprisingly simple – and absolutely achievable.

It’s reported that when asked about the secret to her youthful looks on Twitter earlier this year, Vera Wang herself replied she owed her youthful looks to “Work, sleep, a vodka cocktail and not much sun”. So you can bet I’ll be picking up a bottle of Smirnoff’s finest with my 2L of milk and box of Weetbix tonight.

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I can’t look away. JUST. CAN’T. LOOK. AWAY. Source: Instagram / @verawanggang

A proud advocate for LGBTQ Pride, Vera has been hitting up her Instagram feed showing off her rainbow manicure and sweet (though no doubt designer priced) rainbow pride face mask. All while looking like a woman in her twenties and most definitely not her early seventies.

Vera Wang
I hope my version of 71 looks similar to Vera’s. Source: Instagram / @verawanggang

So if you don’t mind, I’m off to sit like a vampire in the dark, sipping a Screwdriver from a martini glass before slipping off into the land of nod. It’s the best age-defying, lifestyle change I’ve heard yet. BRING IT!

On a final note, I’d like to add that social media being a highlight reel for many, I’m well aware of the chance of Vera’s photos being heavily filtered is high. After all, we all want to look the very best version of ourselves when putting ourselves out there. Even if your name is Vera Wang! Filtered or not, the lady still looks amazing for her age!

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