8 of the Coolest Kmart Hacks EVER!

Kmart really has hit the big time. It’s the master of all things shopping. Not only can you grab the latest and greatest things at next-to-nothing prices you can turn said buys into something totally unexpected, yet utterly brilliant.

That’s right, the love for Kmart hacks is still as strong as ever. So we’ve rounded up some of our all-time favorite Kmart hacks and the best bit – these items are STILL IN STOCK! Yessss.

1. Super stylin’ baby nursery rack

If you’ve got a spare $20 laying around, then you’ve got another must-have accessory, especially if you’re expecting a little one. The Kmart $20 Nursery Clothes Rack is similar in looks to more upscale models. But at a fraction of the price.

Check out how two mums have styled it. Plus, take a look at our Nursery Rack Hacks for more ideas.

mum central

mum central

2. UniWOW

Talk about talented styling. The super clever mama behind Emily Mae Marie blog says her daughter is obsessed with unicorns. So she bought this $12 Hanging Unicorn Head from Kmart and gave it a little makeover. By little makeover we mean transformed it into this awesome artwork. Amazing!

Unicorn kmart hack

3. Cute AF cubby 

Another product that is winning the world over is the Kmart Cubby House. For $199 it’s one of the cheapest cubbies on the market and incredibly easy to make over. Add fake plants, some lighting, a tin of paint, some decking, a few chairs perhaps, and voila – you’ve got a home to call their own.

Below are only a few of the awesome hacks. Head to our Kmart Cubby House makeover article for even more ideas. And then do the Kmart dash to get your hands on this little beauty.

mum central

Kmart cubby hacks fi

4. Fake but freakin fabulous mummy hand

For the parent who has a child that requires constant touch to go to sleep, have we found a solution for you! This is seriously the best $2 you will ever spend. Okay, $2.15 (once you factor in the 15 cents for rice).

Hello Kmart Exfoliating Glove! Simply fill it with rice, close it off super-tight, and you’ve got a weighted ‘mummy’ hand to take your place when you’re not there. 0 to baby: 1 to Kmart hacks.

Kmart hack glove
Image via Pinterest

5. Trusty shoe rack

The Kmart Shoe Storage Rack is still going strong. Yes, it’s great for shoes. But it’s even greater hacked. Like into a minimart for your kids. $19 for endless hours of fun. #winning

Shoe rack Kmart hack

6. Pimped up belly baskets

We love a foldable belly basket and you can’t go past these ‘au naturale’ $12 Seagrass Baskets from Kmart. But look what the smart folk at Studio DIY have done with them. They’ve prettied them up with some pastel paints and lettering. Love it! These are the sorts of Kmart hacks that make me happy.

belly basket kmart hacks


7. Multi-tasking ice trays

Simple but still genius. Don’t underestimate the importance of having ample ice cube trays in your plastics cupboard. Perfect for freezing portions of baby food, a tot’s snack plate instead of fancy divided plastic ware or even moonlighting as a paint palette. Ice cube trays come in handy ALL THE TIME. Plus, now they have Giant Ice Cube Trays and they’ll only cost you $1.50. #bargain

kmart hacks multi-tasking ice cube trays

8. Vanity fair

This cute Vanity Table is a steal at $39 but in the spirit of Kmart hacks – look what happens when you get a bit creative. You can turn it into a little Barber’s Shop for your budding stylist. Talk about too cool for school! But the fun doesn’t stop there. Check out these other brilliant Kmart Vanity Table hacks.

kmart hacks vanity table makeover

Love these Kmart hacks as much as we do? Well, you’re only human. Grab a cuppa and check out these FAB Ikea hacks for your kid’s bedroom. Or, if you’re looking for more joyous Kmart buys, check out these cheap as hell Kmart products you’ll use daily.

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