The $20 Kmart Pyjama Hack Mums Are Loving

Need a new outfit for the festive season? Want to look fab, but also be super comfy? This $20 Kmart pyjama hack is everything you need.

I actually bought some silk Kmart pyjamas this week and I am loving them SO MUCH. No joke, I have been changing into them when I get home from school with the kids.

So it wasn’t that much of a surprise when I saw people who are much more fashionable than me have taken the Kmart pyjamas to a whole new level. Yes, these clever women are wearing their Kmart pyjamas as fashion, outside the house. And not just ANY fashion. This Kmart pyjama hack is a rock-your-party outfit like no other.

Kmart Pyjama hack
These $20 Kmart pyjamas make a great party outfit. Photo: Kmart / Facebook

“Kmart Australiasleepwear for the daywear win,” one fan wrote on Kmart Mums Australia. “Paired with a brown belt and sandals = straight from the bed to anywhere the hell you want to wear this awesomeness! Literally what I did this morning post-work Christmas party last night.

“Nice, light, airy and most of all it accommodates Endo/Adeno/Uterus belly bloat AND it’s got pockets!! Don’t walk, RUN.”

The $20 Kmart pyjamas come in navy with white spots and also a sweet floral. Simply add lovely shoes and accessories and this Kmart pyjama hack will have you ready for any fancy event.

Kmart pyjama hack
Check out how great these pyjama outfits are.

Personally, this is one of my fave Kmart hacks. Comfy, pretty and when you come home from the party you don’t even have to get changed before you crash into bed. Well played ladies, well played.

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