Pretty & Practical LEGO Storage is Coming to IKEA and We’re Here For It


Tupperware containers and pillowcases filled with LEGO be GONE!

We’ve uncovered there’s a LEGO/IKEA collab in the works and it’s a dream come true for all parents, especially us parents who live for simple, stylish storage solutions.

Behold the newest way to store and play with LEGO – BYGGLEK. We’re not sure how to pronounce it. Big Lick maybe? By Gleek? Big leak? Bee glick? 

Whatever the case, are we ever freakin’ excited!?

Ikea Lego Bygglek collection
Source: IKEA

Oh la la, pretty LEGO storage!

BYGGLEK is the latest collection from the IKEA team. It allows kids to build, store and play with LEGO without the need to have little LEGO creations all over the house.

Seriously, I love my kids but if I have to find space on my shelves to house one more half-airplane/half-boat/half-creature-from-the-unknown creation, I’m gonna lose the plot.


The term, BYGGEK literally means “Build. Play” and these adorable little boxes are just the first to hit the market. Word on the street is there will be more BYGGLEK products to come in the not-too-distant future.

Ikea Lego storage - Bygglek launching soon
Source: IKEA

The new BYGGLEK collection includes a 201-piece LEGO brick set, mixed colours for $35 as well as several different sizes of BYGGLEK LEGO box with lids.

Bygglek boxes
Source: IKEA

These are the heroes ladies and gents – a simple, stylish white box that not only stores LEGO, but also doubles as a platform for LEGO. Or a little LEGO house to store their creations.

Of course, you don’t have to buy IKEA LEGO – simply transfer your current collection into the boxes, and voila! One for each child and you’ve got a practical, pretty, and portable way to keep their collections alive, together, and off the floor.

Ikea Lego Bygglek
Source: IKEA

So simple, so functional, so IKEA.

As IKEA shares,

BYGGLEK collection allows kids to escape into their own imaginations. And when it’s time to clean up, their creative worlds don’t have to be taken apart. It’s easy to pick up the play again and again. The BYGGLEK box even fits harmoniously into your home – making adults happy, too.”

mum central
Source: IKEA

Lego added,

We wanted to create a storage solution that itself offers a fun playful experience. As the BYGGLEK boxes are equipped with LEGO studs on the top and the front, kids can integrate the storage boxes as part of their LEGO builds. They can store their stories inside them, and proudly display their creations on top of them.

BYGGLEK coming soon

We’re more than ready to make BYGGEK part of our household but, alas, dear readers, it’s not quite time yet. The BYGGLEK collection will launch on 17 February 2021, in stores and online. The countdown is on.

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