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Woman Creates Amazing Dress with Kmart $1.50 Tea Towel Hack

Anyone else think that would make a cute dress when browsing the kitchenware aisles at Kmart? This lady did and boy oh boy, did she blow us out of the water with this cute dress made from … Kmart tea towels?!?

Selika shared her amazing creation in the Facebook group Kmart Home Decor & Hacks and we were promptly all blown out of our minds. For one it’s made from TEA TOWELS and secondly, I for one are mighty impressed there are still young people with seamstress skills.

Together with a couple of photos and a mighty impressive TikTok video, Selika writes No way I’m letting this beautiful prints being just a tea towel. When $1.50 tea towel turned into a one in a million dress. I’m calling it a tea towel dress 😊 made with 11 Kmart tea towels.”

Kmart tea towel dress
$1.50 Kmart tea towels become a stunning, one of a kind dress. Source: Selika Sookton

Well strike me down with a cockatoo feather, I’m flamin’ impressed by this hack. And so too are THOUSANDS of others. The post has collected over 11,000 reactions and 1,300 comments of admiration.

$1.50 Kmart tea towels turn into a one in a million dress

There’s no denying that the Kmart tea towel is gorgeous. The tea towel features a beautiful pink background emblazoned with a print of sulphur-crested cockatoos and flowers of which I’m not even going to attempt to guess – a white poppy perhaps. Nonetheless, it’s divine. Naturally, in true Kmart style, the tea towels in question are practically free with their $1.50 price tag.

tea towel dress
Selika is VERY handy on the Janome. Source: Selika Sookton

So when Selika says she used 11 tea towels for the Australiana themed dress, it hardly broke the bank for a custom dress. Even when pricing in the extra dollars for thread and a zip. AMAZING.

Watch below and prepare to be WOWED as Selika transforms a stack of tea towels into a beautiful dress!

@selika2904My tea towel dress. ##memadewardrobe ##handmade ##isew ##sewingproject ##sewistsoftiktok ##sewist ##kmart ##kmartteatowel ##kmarthacks♬ Faded – Ooyy

One must ask, what amazing things have you done with a cute tea towel – apart from drying dishes? I’m definitely putting my thinking cap on for some creative ideas. Comment below to share your thoughts!

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