REVIEW: We Put the Koala Calm As Mattress to the Good Night, Sleep Tight Test!

There’s a new mattress in town folks and if you’re a light sleeper who feels every bump in the night (your partner, the kids, the dog, the neighbour’s cat…) you’re going to want to know about this GAMECHANGER of a mattress. It comes to you from the folks at Koala, home of Australia’s most-loved mattresses. Even better, it’s delivered to your door IN A BOX. Good night, sleep tight!

Koala has launched a BRAND NEW mattress range! Introducing the New OG, Calm As and Soul Mate, where seven years of research, listening and development have gone into making Koala’s new mattresses the best available for a good night’s sleep. Aaaaah so dreamy.

And dreamy they are. We put the brand-spankin’ new Koala Calm As mattress through its paces and are only too happy (and well-rested) to report back on how we found it! From the delivery and set-up to how it feels getting comfy at night, we’ve got all the nitty-gritty details for you!

Koala Calm As mattress
Koala’s Calm As mattress is designed to reduce partner disturbance. But will it?  Source: Supplied

It’s a Koala mattress in a box

The fact that they can even FIT a king size mattress in a box is quite frankly amazing, but that’s just the tip of the mattress in a box iceberg! Striking the perfect balance between sink and bounce, this Koala mattress is just the ticket for waking up fresh (even on a Monday morning!).

Check out some of the brilliant Koala Calm As mattress sleep-easy features:

NO SWEAT: Comfort layer is made with COOLMAX fibre and features permanent moisture wicking tech. Engineered to enhance the fabric’s drying rate, the 7cm comfort layer and 1cm quilted cover helps you feel cool and dry. Awesome for sweaty sleepers, or those who get hot through the night.

CUSTOM COMFORT: What might feel right to your mate, doesn’t feel right to you. That’s why Koala created a double-sided comfort layer that gives you the choice between medium-firm support and firm support. Just unzip and flip it to find what works best for you.

NO FALLING OUT: The StayPut Edge makes sure everyone sleeps right where they should be, all night long. Super stable mattress edges mean no one slips off the edge or rolls out in the middle of the night!

ZERO DISTURBANCE: Not even joking, Koala’s Zero Disturbance® mattress means you’ll sleep soundly no matter WHO you sleep next to.

BUY AND SLEEP WITH CONFIDENCE: You can buy and try a Koala mattress with confidence thanks to their 120-day sleep tight policy. Try it out – sleep on it for up to 120 nights and if you decide it’s not for you, simply call them and they’ll pick it up from your house! For real! What have you got to lose really?

I think we can all agree, the Koala Calm As sounds like a DREAM, right?

Koala Calm As Mattress
Source: Supplied

So, how did we go with setting up and sleeping?

I’m not going to lie – I was really sceptical of any of the ‘mattresses in a box’ types … and while I appreciate Koala has a great reputation in the market, I also couldn’t get my head around how it could possibly be so comfortable and give me the back support I need having had a sensitive lower back for so long. Just one night in on any poorly supported mattress and I really feel it the next day. So let’s just say I was somewhat ‘nervous’ about getting rid of my super comfy and supportive innerspring mattress as I put the Koala Calm As mattress through its paces.

Whenever I’ve bought a mattress before I’ve always had to do the typical ‘wear in’ to break in your bed so expected it’d be a few weeks (at minimum) before I was having a good night’s sleep again.

Anyway, Master 12 was super keen to help dad unbox with me so I’ll take the extra set of hands! I think it was the curiosity factor that there was actually a whole mattress ‘IN THERE!’.

You’ll receive two boxes with your order – The main box has the Calm As Mattress and the second box will be your mattress topper. Unlike other mattresses, you don’t choose the firmness of your Koala. The mattress topper has a firm and a medium-firm layer so you just need to set it up the way you prefer.

Koala Calm As mattress
Step 1: Remove from box and prepare to unroll! Source: Supplied

Now I’m always a bit of a medium plush kinda girl, so (again) was nervous the bed would be too hard (keep on reading…)

Once the mattress was unboxed and unwrapped, you’re to leave it for an hour so that it can absorb as much air as possible to build out the padding of the mattress.

Koala Calm As Mattress
Step 2: Lay on floor and prepare to unbox topper! Source: Supplied

The second box with the mattress topper was pretty much similar, although far more flexible as you can see from the pic below. We laid that straight onto the mattress and it was then leaving the mattress for an hour at least before we put zipped it all together (so it could fully expand to its desired level). Zipping is easy too – just line up the starting points and zip the mattress and the topper together. Simple!

mum central
The mattress topper has a firm or medium/firm option to suit your preference. Source: Supplied

While the mattress was aerating, we put together the new king size bed frame and set the mattress on top. I left the room for 2 minutes to go and get the linen … and came back to this! What the…?!  Now that’s cheating!

Koala Calm As Mattress
Ummmm, hello! I guess that’s a yes from you Lenny?! Source: Supplied

So what did it feel like?

I have to say I ate my words. Like really quick! The mattress was divine to lay on, so much so I even started to question if I even needed to ‘break it in’ like I was expecting. The mattress really conformed to my body and was super supportive yet with that plush feeling.

I’m a tummy sleeper so that was going to be the real test and I have to say it felt divine laying on my tummy too! I was super impressed that when my husband lay down on the bed I didn’t really feel him at all, or roll over!

I’m also a restless sleeper, known to toss and turn at night and recognise when I roll over or move around in the night, I do disturb my hubby. I’ve really noticed that a month or so in, I’m nowhere near as restless which means hubby isn’t either!

koala mattress topper zip
Simply zip the mattress topper to the mattress and you’re set. Source: Supplied

Cool as a cucumber

I’m also a hot sleeper and for anyone that is, it can be really frustrating waking up hot all the time and kicking off your covers, only to grab them back not long after.  The new Koala Calm As Mattress is made with COOLMAX® technology which essentially is a 7cm comfort layer that helps your body feel cool and dry, even on muggy nights. I’ve really noticed that I’m not feeling as hot in bed (LOL) and this is probably contributing to why I’m sleeping better and waking up less! #Amen

One month in, here’s how it’s going… 

I have to say I’m totally blown away, suitably impressed and eating my words. And for those of you who know me, eating my words isn’t something that comes easy! 😂

My Koala Calm As mattress is definitely a winner in my books. Super comfortable, supportive and most notably, I have no pain in my lower back (which is always a telltale sign of how supportive the mattress has been … dodgy hotel beds I’m looking at you!)

From a value for money perspective, it’s on par with most other mattresses, but some of the things I love about Koala and their mattresses are:

  • 120-night trial – sleep on it for up to 120 nights. If you don’t agree it’s the mattress for you, they’ll come and pick it up and refund your money. Serious!
  • 10-year warranty
  • Koala offer free 4 hour delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.
  • All mattresses are tested to ensure they are made without formaldehyde, are low-VOC, and free from nasty chemicals.
  • All mattresses have antimicrobial additives that help prevent the conditions that microscopic little monsters love.
  • Winner of the 2021 & 2019 Canstar Blue ‘Most Satisfied Customers’ Award in Mattress Category

Good for your sleep, and the planet!

I also loved that Koala are all about the planet and its preservation! Here are a few more things that just screamed ‘love your work’ in my books!

  • GECA Approved – meaning all materials in Koala’s supply chain meet the highest social, ethical, and environmental standards.
  • They’re the only Australian mattress and furniture retailer that supports 1% for the Planet, which means they give away one per cent of gross sales annually for the good of the planet, people and animals.
  • Koala are B-Corp certified, meaning they stick to the highest social and environmental standards, working to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.
  • They’ve also partnered with WWF Australia so every mattress purchase helps protect our koalas. #savethecuties

mum central

mum central

Koala Calm As Mattress

Koala Calm As Mattress
Delivery & Setup8.7
Value for Money9.0
mum central

Try a Koala Calm As mattress for yourself, RISK-FREE

You TOTALLY can – there’s no losing sleep over taking a chance on Koala! Koala’s 120-night trial allows you to test every benefit of the Koala Calm As mattress before making a final decision. Aaaaaah bliss! Koala Calm As mattresses are available in sizes for the whole family.

Choose from:

  • Single ($980)
  • King Single ($1080)
  • Double ($1350)
  • Queen ($1650) 
  • King ($1950)

Ordering your new Koala Calm As mattress is easy too! Just hit the button below, give them your address and sit back and wait for them to deliver it to your door!

mum central

This is NOT a sponsored review. We received a mattress in return for an honest review. It really was THAT good! All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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