Watch Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy Announcement with Baby Number Two!

A baby sister or brother is on the way for sweet little Stormi with Kylie Jenner’s Pregnancy Announcement as she and Travis Scott announce to the world that they’re pregnant with their second baby! SO SWEET!

We’re having a baby!

It’s hard to keep up with the Kardashian / Jenna tribe now that they’re no longer filming their hit reality TV show but good news folks, they’re still posting plenty of great snaps to their Instagram feeds, and most recently this precious video with Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy announcement.


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Kylie captures heart-melting moments to share

In the super sweet Instagram clip we see glimpses of a positive pregnancy test followed by Kylie and Travis together with their daughter Stormi in a car with Kylie asking three-year-old Stormi “are you ready to go to mummy’s doctor?”, before moving on to clips of the family watching on during Kylie’s ultrasounds. CUE HEART MELT.

A quick look through the comments on the video shows that Kylie’s sisters have left supportive comments in only ways that sisters can. Kendall simply wrote an emoji infused “I can’t handle it”, while Kim left “Crying!!!!”, Khloe “Awwwww” and Kourtney going the extra mile with “Crying this is so beautiful my blessed angel sister.”

Kylie Jenner's pregnancy announcement video
Source: Instagram

Stormi spreads the news!

In possibly the most adorable move ever, Stormi presented Nanna Kris Jenner with an envelope of mum Kylie’s ultrasound images in which we visibly see the penny drop as Kris realises what she’s looking at and looks THRILLED.

“Stormi, we’re going to have a baby! This is one of the happiest days of my life!”

CUE TEARS. We know Stormi is going to make a fabulous big sister and that Kylie and Travis will shower this second bub in love forever and a day. It’s a family affair when it comes to the Kardashians, this will be one loved-up bub!

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Kylie breaks the news to her mum with ultrasound pics. Source: Instagram

Second-time pregnancy, not so secret for Kylie Jenner

Kylie managed to keep her first pregnancy completely under wraps, surprising fans when she announced the birth of her daughter, so we’re over the moon to be getting these glimpses, second time around.

Details on how far along Kylie is in her pregnancy are still unknown, though her video does show a sizeable bump. Pregnancy bellies being all different, it could be mostly pasta or it could be all baby – no one dares to guess. Nonetheless, we’re thrilled for this soon-to-be family of four.

Kylie Jenner pregnancy
Kylie Jenner announces her pregnancy, Stormi is all set to be a big sister! Source: Instagram

Let the baby name guesses begin!

The Kardashian and Jenner family love unusual baby names. Stormi has cousins named North, Psalm, Chicago, Saint, Mason, Penelope, Reign, Dream, Eva and True. We can’t even to begin to imagine what name Kylie and Travis will choose for their second bundle of joy, but we’re pretty sure it won’t be Archer or Charlotte. Time will tell!

(Side note: perhaps Kylie and Travis can check out our extensive library of baby names posts for some naming inspo – we have it all from seasonal to floral-inspired and all the Royal names in between!)

From all of us here at Mum Central, we wish Kylie Jenner and her family the HUGEST congratulations!

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