Emma Wiggle Breaks Her Silence on Shock Split from Lachy

It’s been quite a crazy year for Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins and her soon-to-be ex hubby, Purple Wiggle Lachlan Gillespie.

From a battle with endometriosis to a cancer scare, Emma Wiggle has faced more than her share of health struggles. And along the way, she reveals she simply fell out of love with the man who swept her off her feet.

Emma this week publicly opened up about her and Lachy’s split, which not only shocked us all but left us convinced that love is officially dead.

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In August, Emma and Lachy Wiggle released this photo on Instagram to announce their marriage split to fans

Goodbye love

There’s no sugar coating it. Love is confusing. Marriage is hard. And, despite our best intentions, promises and vows, we sometimes realise it’s better to go our seperate ways.

This is exactly what has happened to Emma Wiggle who shared a very personal yet relatable reason why the Wiggle fairy tale romance ended.

‘We fell out of love’ 

At an Australian Women’s Weekly event, Emma spoke about the complex situation, revealing they “fell out of love”.

“There were lots of things going on with family and we just started to realise that we weren’t the right fit anymore.”

Emma told The Herald Sun.

It has been a weird time for us. I think we just realised that we were meant to be best friends. We are not really cranky at each other, we just realised that our situation had changed… probably more from me, than from him.” 

Emma also revealed that she was the one who pulled the pin on the two-year marriage, reportedly leaving Lachy devastated. Naww.

“I wanted to make the decision to separate… I am very independent and my mum keeps telling me that no one is going to be able to tell me what to do.”

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Separation, health and friendship concerns

The separation was just the tip of the iceburg in a rather tumultuous year for Emma. In April, Emma had surgery for endometriosis.

She also shared the news that she has battled with serious anemia, a blood transfusion and faced the possibility she might have leukaemia. She only got the cancer-free news last week.

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Emma also revealed that a friend leaked their relationship dramas to the news, leaving her feeling betrayed and, quite rightfully, pissed.

“(Lachlan) had spoken in confidence to friends and they had gone to the media and I think dealing with all that has been the hardest part — the betrayal,” she says. “I feel so much more guarded now.”

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The show must go on

Since the separation, Emma and Lachy continue to work together and appear to remain good friends.

We live separately but we see each other every single day. Some days are weird but the one person I have been able to rely on is him. He has been great.” 

The Wiggles are off to Queensland next week before heading over to Canada for a six week tour.

Unfortunately, sometimes relationships do end. If you’re at a crossroads, please take the time to read our article about how to leave an unhappy marriage.


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