Laundry Products Recalled over Concerns they may Cause Cancer

The Laundress fabric conditioners have been recalled by Product Safety Australia (PSA) due to containing a potentially harmful cancer-causing chemical.

The chemical, ethylene oxide was found in 16 cleaning products sold internationally and nationally by the fabric care brand.

“Ethylene oxide is a carcinogen. Consumers may be exposed to this chemical through inhalation during use of the product, or through skin exposure to residue on clothing.

Direct long-term exposure may cause adverse health effects, including cancer,” Product Safety Australia said on their recall notice.

Lymphoma and leukemia are the cancers most frequently reported to be associated with occupational exposure to ethylene oxide. Stomach and breast cancers may also be associated with ethylene oxide exposure.

While the fabrics contain a very low level of ethylene oxide, it still exceeds safety standards which is the reason for the recall.

The Laundress laundry products recalled

The Laundress Laundry Products Recalled
Source: @TheLaundress

Product Safety Australia has urged consumers to “immediately stop using the recalled fabric conditioners” and to contact The Laundress for a full refund.

“After requesting a refund, consumers should dispose of the product by closing the bottle tightly and placing it in household trash. Do not empty the product prior to disposal.”

The recalled products were available for sale between January 1, 2021 and March 31, 2023 and include the following:

  • Fabric Conditioner Baby Classic 2fl oz
  • Fabric Conditioner Lady 16fl oz
  • Fabric Conditioner Celebration 16fl oz
  • Fabric Conditioner Number 10 16fl oz
  • Fabric Conditioner Packette Classic 15ml
  • Fabric Conditioner Packette Baby 15ml
  • Fabric Conditioner Fresh Wash 16fl oz
  • 723 Fabric Conditioner 16fl oz
  • Fabric Conditioner Aiden and Anais 16oz
  • Fabric Conditioner Crate & Barrel 33oz
  • Fabric Baby Conditioner 16oz
  • Fabric Conditioner Classic 16 fl oz
  • 5 gallon pail of Fabric Conditioner Classic
  • Bulk Fabric Conditioner 1lb
  • Bulk Fabric Conditioner Baby 1lb
  • Fabric Conditioner Classic gallon

The products were sold nationally, internationally as well as online. More information on how to request a refund is available on The Laundress website. Australian consumers will need to fill in a form and then will be directed to a team member who can help.

The Laundress Laundry Products Recalled
Source: Product Safety Australia

The Laundress is marketed as a high-end fabric conditioner and luxury brand. This is the second recall notice they’ve posted in less than a year. They issued a recall notice in December 2022 due to the potential of elevated levels of bacteria in their products.

During the latest recall, they wrote,

We again deeply apologise for this situation and look forward to returning soon with a renewed commitment to the highest standards of product safety and quality.” 

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