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18 of the Greatest Winter Laundry Hacks and Tips to Save Time and Money

The cooler days and shorter nights are upon us ladies and gents which means it’s time to bring out the warmer clothing and prepare for a new season of endless laundry to wash, dry, sort, and put away (or at least put on a chair in the corner of a room). Thank goodness for winter laundry hacks, not only will they save you time, but they’ll also save you a stack of money!

I swear the amount of clothes I wash during the winter months doubles compared to the summer where my kids basically live in swimsuits and shorts all day. During the cooler months, there are Oodies, jeans, jumpers and a ton of sports clothing on top of the regular uniforms, towels, bedding and everyday clothing.  

Another thing to remember is our winter gear is a lot thicker and bulkier than our summer garments, and thus we may need to take a different approach to laundry. That’s why we put together the ultimate guide to winter laundry hacks.

Let’s get this winter washing sorted! 

laundry basket with winter laundry tips
A few clever changes can result in some epic winter laundry wins! Source: Bigstock

Winter laundry hacks – Let’s start with the basics 

You may already know these little tips and tricks but if not, make sure you start using them and not just in winter too. These laundry hacks come in handy regardless of the time of year. 

#1 – Wash in cold water for extra efficiency

Save energy and protect your clothes by washing them in cold water. It reduces energy costs, preserves colours, prevents shrinking, and is gentler on fabrics. Go cold and eco-friendly!

#2 – Shake out clothes before you dry them

Shake it up before you dry it! Giving your clothes a good shake helps remove wrinkles, improve drying efficiency, and ensure your garments come out looking fresh and fabulous.

#3 – Head outdoors and embrace nature’s dryer

Hang your laundry outside for a breath of fresh air! It saves energy, reduces electricity costs, and gives your clothes that lovely sun-kissed scent. Embrace nature’s dryer!

winter laundry hacks line dry in the sun
Source: Adobe Stock

#4 – Clean your dryer’s lint filter regularly

Don’t let lint become a fire hazard! Regularly cleaning your tumble dryer’s lint filter improves efficiency, extends appliance lifespan and ensures safer and more effective drying for your laundry.

#5 – Clean your washing machine

Clean your washing machine for fresher, cleaner clothes. Say goodbye to funky odours and hello to sparkling laundry every time! And it’s easier than you think! Check out this easy way to clean your washing machine. 

Cleaning the lint filter is one of our top winter laundry hacks
Cleaning your lint filter regularly will improve efficiency and reduce fire risk. Source: Adobe Stock

Clever laundry hacks to solve common winter laundry challenges

Moving on, we enter the winter-specific laundry hacks, tips, and tricks that will help you with those colder-weather washing woes. 

#6 – Tackle sporting stains head on 

If you have kids who play sports you’ll know that Weekend Sports Season means grass-stained uniforms to wash once or twice a week. Hydrogen peroxide is your friend for this one. Mix one part hydrogen peroxide with three parts cool water and rub it into the stain, along with a sprinkle of baking soda. It’ll bubble a little as it lifts the grass dye from the fabric. Wash as per usual after treating!

tackle muddy clothing with hydrogen peroxide - another of our great laundry hacks
Hydrogen peroxide is a winner for your muddy sports uniforms! Source: Adobe Stock

#7 – Crunchy winter clothes be gone!

If you are skipping the dryer (good for you), then you can avoid that “crunchy” feel by adding ½ cup of vinegar to the rinse cycle and then shaking each item out before hanging them out to dry.

#8 – Wash your heavy blankets and quilts

The cosy duvets and blankets are back on the beds but they will need a wash. In general, you can wash heavy blankets in the washing machine on your own but always check the tag first.

In terms of size, generally, an 8kg drum can wash a queen or a lightweight-size quilt or duvet. A 9kg machine can wash a whole king-size duvet. 

wash duvets and blankets - more winter laundry hacks
You CAN wash your duvets in the washing machine! Source: Adobe Stock

#9 – How to keep your woollen clothes soft 

Winter woollies are a staple for cold weather but to keep their soft, fluffy shape, avoid the dryer or fast spin cycle. It’s a good idea to wash wool garments on their own too. Turn woollen clothes inside out, and wash them on the delicate cycle.

#10 – How to wash your winter jackets

When washing large jackets, make sure you close all the zippers before placing them in the wash. It’s best to use a delicate setting for down jackets and run the rinse cycle plus a couple of spin cycles to get rid of the excess water. 

#11 – Blast built-in dirt with a strip wash 

A strip wash is what I’d call an intensive soaking method. It involves just three ingredients – laundry liquid, Borax and washing soda. Fill your bathtub with hot water, add in the ingredients and then add in your dirty clothing. Every hour or so, give the clothing a turn and then, once the water turns cold, wash them normally. Here’s our how-to guide on strip washing. 

A strip wash reduced built in dirt - great winter laundry hacks
You’ll be surprised at just how much dirt a strip wash will remove. Source: Mum Central

#12 – Essential oils aid freshness

Perhaps one of the most frustrating things about washing in winter is that clothing can often be left with that damp smell. Even tumble dryers can leave our laundry smelling less than fresh which is why we always recommend a laundry detergent complete with essential oils. Our favourites include orange, cloves and chamomile.  

Your items come out of the washing machine smelling fresh, clean, and lovely which is extra important when you always don’t have the power of the sun to help eliminate any dampness. 

Essential oils for the win! Source: Supplied

TUMBLE DRYER – Laundry hacks to save drying time and money

Now, we all know it’s best to air dry our clothes but when it’s raining and miserable outside, this isn’t gonna happen. But you can still be savvy when using your tumble drier with these energy and money-saving tips: 

#13 – Separate heavy items from light items

Thick, heavy jumpers and towels shouldn’t be dried with your lighter items as they can take longer to dry. Sort them before you dry them. 

#14 – Adding a dry towel to the dryer reduces drying time 

I love this tip! Adding a dry towel to wet clothes absorbs excess moisture and speeds up the drying time plus it may also help fluff and soften your garments. 

#15 – Drying laundry inside? Grab the dehumidifier for the win!

If you happen to have a dehumidifier, bring it out when you are hanging clothes inside. It’s great for removing excess moisture and ensures a quicker dry. Some newer models even come with laundry-drying settings. 

#16 – Balls in the dryer for quicker results

Aluminium or tin foil balls separate clothes in tumble dryers and allow air to circulate freely between them. Simply crumple up sheets of foil and toss them in the dryer. Alternatively, you could throw a couple of the popular wool balls into the dryer to again reduce drying time.

#17 – Ice cubes in the dryer reduce wrinkly clothes 

Some people like to toss their wrinkled clothes in the dryer instead of ironing them. It’s much easier, but it’s not the best money-wise. Instead, take an ice cube and run it along any large creases or wrinkles to remove them.

Alternatively, you can also spray a fine mist of water onto the garment and flatten it with your clean hands to smooth out any wrinkles. In either case, be sure to air dry completely before wearing it to avoid soiling your newly unwrinkled item.


Organisation always wins 

Every family has a different system for handling the washing. Some choose to do it all over the weekend while others opt to do a load every day or so. Regardless of what camp you fall into, a neatly prepared washing station makes a huge difference.

#18 – An organised laundry room makes a BIG difference 

Getting organised in the laundry not only makes you feel efficient but highly organised. Colour-coded or different laundry baskets to separate towels, bedding, whites, etc). Plus, separate baskets and containers to sort your laundry products, including presoaks, softeners and, of course, a laundry detergent that boosts an exceptional clean.

A little plant or a diffuser is a nice touch too. Sure, it’s just your laundry room, but an organised laundry makes for a much less stressful washing experience, even when the kids come home covered in mud and grass stains. 

kmart laundry
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So there you have it – hot laundry hacks to get us through the cooler months. We hope these tips and tricks help save you time, effort and money. Happy washing! 

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