The Leave Mum Alone Candle is the Gift We All Deserve

Parenting is fun, isn’t it? Some days you feel so much joy, pride, and love that you feel like you might actually burst into a bubble of happiness.

Other days you find yourself ugly crying in the bathroom, wishing for just a few minutes of peace all the while your tiny terrors knock on the door demanding snacks and informing you they can’t find their socks. 

Well, ladies, have we found something that pairs perfectly with the above. It’s a Leave Mum Alone candle for when you’re more than done with this whole parenting thing.

Leave me Alone Candle
Say it with scent. Source: Etsy/ Custom Soy Candles Shop

Smell ya later kids 

Simply light it and watch your children dissipate around you. Well, probably not, but, hey, it’s worth a shot. And lighting a ‘leave mummy alone’ candle is sure to scar them less than grabbing your coat and a carton of wine and running for the hills. Which, some days, also sounds like a pretty good plan.

We have Esty Store Custom Soy Candles Shop to thank for this unique candle. It sells for $18.94 AUD plus shipping from the US and comes with rave reviews, not just because of the upfront message but because it smells yummy too. The candle is made of soy which burns for an extra-long time, meaning more time to relish in your non-mum duties.

All that’s left to do is teach your kids how this magical candle works. See kids, if the candle’s burning, it means mummy is about to lose her sh*t. So kindly bugger off and annoy Dad with your missing sock dramas.

Candles for all occasions

Etsy sells heaps of other candles with appropriate life messages too. We especially love the Smells Like Freshly Signed Divorced Papers, from Scentsational Aroma US, the perfect aromatic choice for any newly single mums out there!

mum central
Source: Etsy/Scentsational Aromas US

And, of course, you can’t look past this Vagina Candle, which apparently, smells like Gweneth Paltrow’s vagina and retails for $109 on her Goop shop. The candle is made “with geranium, citrusy bergamot, and cedar absolutes juxtaposed with Damask rose and ambrette seed to put us in mind of fantasy, seduction, and a sophisticated warmth”. Okay then.

mum central
And we thought ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ was a weird scent… Photo: Goop


Maccas also recently released a series of McScents which make no Mcsense to me because who wants their house to smell like Maccas? Anyhoo, you can get six different candles that smell like a bun, tomato sauce, pickle, cheese, onion, and beef. Oh, the aromatic horror.

Burn them together and what do you have? The greasy scent of a Quarter Pounder flowing through your home.

mum central
Maccas candles: for the days when you really want your home to reek like pickles and onions. Source: McDonalds

I don’t know about you, but I’d take the “Leave Mum Alone” candle over a candle that smells like beef or vaginas any day.

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