Swear Word Jewellery: For Mums Who Like Swearing But Also Like Pretty Things

Isn’t it nice to find a piece of jewellery that really sparkles with the real you?

Well, if the real you likes to drop the occasional F bomb, then have we got a surprise for you – potty mouthed jewellery. Yes, it’s jewellery that shimmers, sparkles and swears.

Life is officially complete.

Jewellery that says it all 

If you’re searching for an elegant and sophisticated statement piece to wear on your next date night (or child’s P&F meeting), then let us dazzle you with these impressive jewellery finds. Unique, affordable and available on Etsy, you let you take your love of swear words to the next level.

Bracelets that swear

swear word jewellery

These lightweight, adjustable, affordable aluminium bangles are the perfect present for any parent who is seriously done giving a shit.

mum central

Or, you can go with a more soulful message with these tranquil bangles.

Necklaces that swear

swear word jewellery

Name necklaces are nice. But this sterling silver slogan necklace is better. Chuck it in the Fuckit bucket and add it to your shopping cart.

swear word jewellery shitshow necklace

This cheerful and charming shitshow necklace is one of a kind. Because, sometimes it’s nice to look down at your neck and see a personalised message and friendly reminder of what your life is currently like.

swear word jewellery bite me necklace

If you’re not super keen on having a swear word around your neck, you can always go with something a little more PG-rated. Like this secret code necklace which actually says Bite Me in morse code. Or, I Love You, if your kids are asking…

Earrings that swear

swear word jewellery earringsChoose from Fuck Yeah or Fuck No earrings, the perfect piece to complement your mum bun. Or buy both and alternate, depending on your mood.

swear word earrings

Another idea? Go with these cryptic earrings which offer passersby a riddle to solve. We’ll give you a hint. That circular hand is the word Zero.

swear word keychain

You can also pick up a sweary keychain to add to your keys, you know, if you’re looking for a way to swear on the go.

Looking for more ways to swear without actually saying a word? This Sweary Christmas wrapping paper is sure to brighten up the festive season.

Oh and be sure to also check out our post on sometimes good mums drink, swear and lose their sh*t too. 


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