The Hilarious Little Miss and Mr Men Books Just For Adults

“Little Miss Busy hadn’t always been so busy. She used to enjoy lazy weekends and leisurely lie-ins… But then she had kids.”

Beloved children’s author Roger Hargreaves is back with a brand new series of Little Miss and Mr Men books. And, guess what? These ones are for just for us!

That’s right mums and dads! Our favourite book characters from our childhood have followed us into the depths of despair, I mean, adulthood, for some hilariously relatable antics in adulting.

Little Miss “Pick Up Your F*cking Toys”

It’s not just Little Miss Busy who got busy. Mr Greedy, Little Miss Shy and Mr Happy have followed Little Miss Busy into the realm of responsibilities. We’re talking office parties, online dating and fad dieting. Oh the joy. And the giggles!

Mr Men books for adults

While Little Miss Busy tries to play the perfect mum on the school run, Little Miss Shy attempts to put together an online dating profile and meet Mr Right.

Then there’s Mr Happy who transforms into Mr Awkward while attempting to make small talk and socialise at the office. And let’s not forget Mr Greedy who decides to get on the juicing bandwagon, lose the excess kilos and ditch his food addiction so he can up his Instagram game.

Mr Men for Grown-Ups

With his classic illustrations and hilariously dry humour, Hargreaves manages to tackle some of the daily dramas we all struggle with – parenting problems, relationship issues, work pressure and body weight concerns.

Many of the other characters from the series also make an appearance, like Little Miss Contrary, who sucks at giving advice, and Mr Rush, who, turns out, isn’t an ideal candidate in the dating world (gee, we wonder why).

The four Mr Men For Grown-Ups books are available online through Booktopia for $13.95 each. But be quick – we’re guessing these satirical spin-offs are going to be just as popular as the kid-friendly version.

Will Mr Happy get drunk at the office party and go bat sh*t crazy on everyone?

Will Little Miss Shy get tickled by Mr Tickle? Or will she swipe right for Mr Naughty instead?

Will Mr Greedy fall off the clean eating wagon and sneak into the pantry to chow down on leftover Halloween candy?

Will Little Miss Busy join a mum’s group and make friends with Little Miss Merlot? (We sure hope so!)

You’ll have to wait and see!

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