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Join Us for Luvabella LIVE: Exclusive Unboxing to Meet the Greatest Doll to Hit the Shelves

She’s cute, she’s expressive and she’s sure to be your little gal (or guy’s) very best friend.

Meet Luvabella Newborn, the latest newborn baby doll to capture our attention and the hearts and imaginations of countless little girls and boys across the world.

But guess what? Mum Central has a golden opportunity for 3 mums and their children to be part of our exclusive and intimate Sydney Luvabella LIVE Unboxing Event.

More on that shortly, but first, let’s introduce you to the star of the show!

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The Most Realistic Doll on the Market

Luvabella Newborn is the little sister to the hugely popular Luvabella and Luvabeau. These two dolls have won heaps of awards and are consistently topping the hot toys charts.

I was afraid that my daughter was going to go into total meltdown mode when I couldn’t find one for her birthday last year. But I managed to find one last moment, thank goodness – crisis averted!

Luvabella Newborn doll

Luvabella Does it All!

So why do kids love Luvabella so much? One of the main reasons is because she is so real. In fact, Luvabella is the most lifelike and expressive doll on the market. Most dolls just do one thing, such as feeding, changing, blinking, but Luvabella Newborn does heaps!

  • Feed her a bottle and she responds
  • Talk to her and she will blink and move her mouth
  • Rub her back or give her a dummy when she gets upset
  • Tickle her tummy and she will giggle
  • Rock her and she will start to fall asleep
  • Watch as her tummy rises up and down as she sleeps

All new Luvabella Newborn

Easy to Cuddle, Easy to Set Up

Another thing we love about Luvabella is how easy she is to set up. Most babies don’t come with instructions but this one does and the manual explains everything you need to know to care for Luvabella. Your little one will be able to take care of Luvabella without being confused or finding her too complicated.

The video below explains everything you need to know about setting up and playing with Luvabella too!

Perfect for Pretend Play

Children learn through play and Luvabella is the ideal doll to teach them about caring for a baby. With a soft, huggable body, newborn-like features and an adorable outfit, Luvabella Newborn is as cute as a button. She can easily fit in with your child’s current doll accessories too

She is soft and squishy and can easily fit in with your child’s current doll accessories too.

Little girl playing with Luvabella Newborn

Makes a Great Gift!

If you’re expecting a new baby, Luvabella is an awesome ‘big sister’ or ‘big brother’ pressie to give your older siblings to help introduce them to the newest family member.

While you’re feeding the new baby, your older child can feed their baby too. This may reduce any sibling anxiety or jealousy that can arise when a newborn comes into the picture. After all, both of you have newborns to take care of now!

It’s also great for Christmas presents, birthday gifts or pretty much any occasion where your little one deserves something extra special. mum central

Where to Find Luvabella Newborn

We’re predicting Luvabella Newborn is going to be the next best thing in pretend play, so get in quick to avoid disappointment. Luvabella Newborn is now available at Kmart, Big W, Target, Toy World and all other major toy retailers. RRP: $109.99shop now

If you’re in Sydney, be sure to apply for our Luvabella LIVE Unboxing Event and be one of the first to meet Luvabella Newborn. 

mum central

 Be Part of Mum Central’s Exclusive Sydney Luvabella LIVE Unboxing Event!

We’re looking for 3 Sydney mums (or dads) to join us with their son/daughter aged 4-6 years at an exclusive Luvabella LIVE Unboxing Event in Leichardt, Sydney on Monday 23rd September 2019 from 11am – 1pm.

We’ll begin by surprising your daughter/son with the doll (sssh let’s keep it a secret!) and our videographer will capture the magic, wonder and joy as they begin to discover their amazing new friend, Luvabella Newborn.

We’ll do some candid interviews with both you and your child around motherhood (or fatherhood), the doll and what’s important when caring for a newborn.

It’s going to be a truly memorable event. Best of all, your child will get to bring home their very own Luvabella Newborn, which is when the true magic really begins.

This is a sponsored post for Luvabella
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