Luvabella Newborn Review: Mini Toy Testers Meet the World’s Most Realistic Doll


Luvabella Newborn is a doll like no other. From the moment she opens her eyes she’ll amaze you with her lifelike expressions and noises.

The sweetest baby doll there ever was, Luvabella Newborn giggles, coos, breathes and even moves her lips — bringing so much joy and excitement to ‘little mummies.’

To see just how much kids love her, we undertook a Luvabella Newborn review by introducing her to six little girls, much to their surprise and delight. Check Luvabella out in action and watch the magic unfold as we put this amazing, interactive doll through her paces and witness the sheer joy on our mini reviewers’ faces.

Who is Luvabella Newborn?

If you haven’t heard about Luvabella Newborn yet, allow us to introduce her to you. She’s the most realistic doll we’ve seen and is quickly rising to the top of the ‘must-have toy of the year’ charts.

Not only does she coo, breathe and giggle, but she takes a bottle, sucks on a dummy and burps after a feed. Plus, she’s soft and snuggly and a perfect companion for your little darling.

Luvabella Newborn Review

Sounds awesome, right? But what do children think of her? Is she a love-forever kind of doll or more of a one-play-toss-away kind of toy?

We decided to find out. And what better way to do so than with a real-life review featuring a panel of tiny toy testers?

Our LIVE Unboxing Event and Luvabella Newborn Review

Recently we put a call out to our mums and influencers to join us at our Luvabella LIVE Unboxing Event. Here, they would help us review Luvabella Newborn, the all-new lovable doll and little sister to Luvabella.

Loads of mums applied and six very lucky children (and their mothers) were invited to attend our event in Sydney. It was a mix of three Mum Central readers and three influencers – six little girls, aged four and five years of age.

Luvabella newborn review

None of the girls knew they were about to meet Luvabella. Their surprised looks and delightful squeals are just priceless! We managed to capture ALL the magic as our toy testers unboxed Luvabella Newborn and discovered all her tricks.

What can Luvabella Newborn do? What did they think? Is she a good investment for your little one?

We reveal ALL in our video below:

mum central

Instant love!

Watching the natural, loving connection between the girls and Luvabella Newborn was an amazing experience. Their eyes lit up and they were absolutely over the moon that they got to not only play with her, but take her home too.

mum and daughter with Luvabella newborn

Below are a few of the things our mums had to say about Luvabella Newborn and what their kids thought of her.

Luvabella is a fantastic toy for children. My Miss Billie loves pretending to be Mummy, feeding, consoling and cuddling her ‘baby’.” –  Deb C

Olivia loved it! She is a simple and wholesome toy that really brings out the nurturing and playful side of Olivia. I wish I had a Luvabella when I was a kid.” – Sara Keli, Kid Magazine

Luvabella has provided an understanding to my daughter of what it’s like to be a mummy. She loves having her own baby to hold, cuddle and love — as well as feed her the bottle and give her a dummy. She says all the things mummy says to her baby brother.” – Vanessa Almendrades, Child Blogger
Luvabella is so much fun! Cassie brings her everywhere and loves introducing her to new people. She’s very proud of her baby.” – Felicity Frankish, The Baby Vine
Luvabella has been a 10/10. She’s definitely the best baby doll on the market that teaches as well as brings joy to those that own her.” Stephanie E 

Luvabella Newborn provides hours of fun. She is certainly a must-have for any child that loves dolls.” – Diana M. 

So real, she’s amazing

Feed her and she burps. Talk to her and she moves her mouth. Tickle her and she laughs. Give her a dummy and she sucks. Her tummy even moves up and down when she sleeps. How cool is that?!

We love how real and interactive Luvabella Newborn is. There are so many fun ways to play with her!

Katherine loves to feed her a bottle and burp her and then gently rock her to sleep. I also love that it teaches Katherine to be affectionate, nurturing and caring.” – Diana M.

little girl playing with luvabella newborn

Luvabella goes everywhere

Of course, all toys are fun for the first day or two. But is Luvabella still loved weeks after our Unboxing Event?

Lokoha hasn’t stopped playing with her Luvabella! It’s definitely her most prized possession.” – Stephanie E

Olivia loves her! I’ve never ever seen her take to a toy so quickly or fondly before. ‘Ruby’ is still the #1 toy in our house. She really is part of the family.” – Sara Keli

Easy to set up

The manual explains everything you need to know to care for Luvabella, how she responds and how to take care of her. She takes AA batteries too, so no need to pick up a pile of those heavy-duty expensive C ones. Best of all she has a switch on her back to turn her on or off (if only our own kids had these some days too!)  😉

Luvabella was super easy to set up and learn! Just pop in the batteries, turn her on and she will truly amaze you.” – Diana M

She comes with super simple instructions that are simple to follow and easily taught my daughter how to manage and work her Luvabella herself.” – Stephanie E. 

mum central

mum centralmum centralmum central

Luvabella Newborn

9.7 luvabella newborn with soother
Lifelike Features
Entertaining & Engaging
Easy to Use
Overall Rating

mum centralA great gift idea to keep them entertained and engaged

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about presents. Luvabella Newborn is an ideal option for under the tree and perfectly suited to children three and above who love pretend play. And what kid doesn’t love pretend play?

Pretend play with dolls also brings many benefits. Feeding and dressing baby assists with fine motor skills, while cuddling and caring for a baby teaches empathy and compassion. There’s also the social side of pretend play. By taking on the role of ‘Mummy’ and involving other kids or siblings, our little ones are learning to share, co-operate and problem-solve.

luvebella newborn doll

Luvabella is also a great gift for any child expecting a new baby brother or sister. She’s perfect for teaching kids all about caring for a new baby! Heck, you may even want to get one for yourself if you’re thinking about having another bub – Luvabella provides a great refresher on what newborns are actually like. Minus the whole poonami business, hourly feeds and sore boobs!

Luvabella Newborn is available at Kmart, Big W, Target, Toy World and all other major toy retailers (RPP: $109.99). shop now

This is a sponsored review for Luvabella Newborn.  All opinions are those of our reviewers.
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  1. Avatar of Phyllis

    I am curious why you didn’t have any boys test the doll my grandson was in swimming and the teacher said all he wanted to do is play with doll for demonstration he is now going to be a big brother in may he would love this baby

    • Avatar of Mum Central

      From those that applied, we chose the best that best met the brief in age and interests. My son loves dolls. Gender shouldn’t decide what toys a child plays with. x

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