The Made-Up Baby Names You Have to Hear to Believe

In a world where there are literally MILLIONS of baby names to choose from, more and more parents are opting to name their child an invented baby name instead.

Most of the time these monikers are made by combining two perfectly normal names into one extra-long and quirky one. You know, like Maevery. Or Elisobelle. Or how about Faelina? Yup.

And these are only three of the made-up baby name gems we’ve stumbled across!

Anfernee, please step down, you’ve been dethroned … welcome, ladies and gents, to the latest made-up baby names to take the stage.

Top 10 boys’ names

  1. Jaspin
  2. Charleston
  3. Brigham
  4. Ranger
  5. Wrenlow
  6. Eastley
  7. Graylen
  8. Albion
  9. Tovin
  10. Cedar

Top 10 girls’ names

  1. Maevery
  2. Faelina
  3. Idalia
  4. Evabeth
  5. Tessadora
  6. Anaveah
  7. Jessalie
  8. Sylvalie
  9. Sophiel
  10. Elisobelle

The reason behind this made-up name madness?

According to a recent poll on parents are opting against the traditional and trendy names because they want their kids to “feel special” and have “a unique identity on social media”.

I’m not sure why a baby needs a social media account, but, hey, whatevs. You do you, boo. Or should I say Boodyn? Boobelle perhaps?

The poll also discovered that 66% of parents are considering making up their own names while 7% have already done the deed.

Channelmum’s baby name expert, SJ Strum further adds,

Shakespeare invented many names that have stood the test of time like Imogen and Jessica. Now the social media boom means we are all writers and publishers, so parents are making up baby names that give their child a unique start in life.”

Even more invented baby names to ponder

Of course, these are only some of the MANY made-up baby names. According to Nameberry, there are heaps more including:

  • Abbeline
  • Alzea
  • Aubrielle
  • Gidget
  • Jonet
  • Samanda
  • Toccara
  • Brevin
  • Balon
  • Devony
  • Draymond
  • Cason
  • Daxton
  • Kyan
  • Kyler
  • Maxon
  • Riggan
  • Treyton
  • Varian
  • Zabe

Oddly enough, many of the names that made the ‘made-up’ list that once seemed weird are now on trend. On the girls’ side there’s Miley, Gracelyn, Oaklyn, Elianna, Kierra and Tayla. On the boy’s side, we’ve got Jaxon, Grayson, Teagan, Renly and Bryson.

So what did we learn today folks? Today’s made-up monikers could be tomorrow’s top 100 trendsetting names. You just never know!

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    Not all of these names are made up. Idalia is a Portuguese name and Elianna is an Italian name. Maybe you should check next time?

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