A holiday may be off the cards, but you can still enjoy the spoils of New Zealand this Mother’s Day and beyond. Not only awesome for a picturesque holiday, but New Zealand is also brilliant for beautiful, natural skincare.

Meet Mamaku Skincare, hailing from across the ditch in beautiful New Zealand with a show-stopper product doing amazing things for dry and eczema-prone skin!

Skincare mum will love to use…

As mums, we all want to take care of our skin, that’s a given. But we also just really want to prioritise climbing into bed at the end of the day and capturing as much sleep as possible before we’re woken by pint-sized sleep thieves. So minimal skincare steps and products are a MUST for busy mums.

That’s why mums are going to love Mamaku Advanced Hydra Gel. It’s one product and it does some of its best work while you sleep. Just lightly apply a thin layer of the cooling gel to your face and driest areas of skin (eczema too!) and allow the skin to absorb it for rapid, effective hydration, restoring it to its natural beauty.

Best of all, Mamaku’s skincare range is free from Steroids, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Fragrance, Petroleum, Colour Additives, Parabens, Chemical Ingredients, and Chemical Preservatives.

Mamaku hydra gel
Give the gift of gorgeous, hydrated skin with Mamaku! Source: Supplied

New Zealand – beautiful country, brilliant skincare

Mamaku skincare products are named after their hero ingredient, Mamaku [cyathea medullaris]. It’s a native black tree fern found in damp forested areas in New Zealand. Due to its geographical isolation in New Zealand’s dynamic ecosystem, Mamaku has thrived for thousands of years. An all-in-one bioactive, Mamaku contains unique biopolymers and nutrients with anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. These properties, recognised by Māori, have made it an important part of rongoā (plant-based medicine) for generations. This is new Zealand skincare that SOUNDS like a holiday, right?

black tree fern
Source: Supplied

…. and it’s skincare mum will love to share!

Not just for treating mum’s beautiful face, everyone in the family can use and benefit from the gentle formulated Mamaku skincare, including little ones!

Providing the biggest and most refreshing drink for the driest of skin, Mamaku Advanced Hydra Gel is also a complete powerhouse for soothing eczema and irritated skin. It’s perfect for helping heal the dry knees of toddlers crawling and playing on the carpet, dry hands from gardening or excessive washing, and weathered skin or skin that’s been subjected to drying effects of indoor heating or air conditioning. Mamaku is one big hydrating drink for the skin! Mums love a multi-use product, so get them Mamaku!

mother applying skincare to baby
Mamaku, perfect for mum… and for mum to share! Source: Bigstock

Mamaku Advanced Hydra Gel takes action FAST

Not all skin heroes wear capes folks. Some wear a pump pack! Anyone who has sore, dry, eczema-prone skin knows only too well how uncomfortable it can be. It feels tight and terrible, plus it can be a real knock on our confidence.

With regular use, Mamaku Advanced Hydra Gel delivers epic hydration, cools and relieves the skin itch and repairs the skin surface. Its lightweight formula is absorbed INTO the skin, so it’s comfortable and not at all sticky, healing the skin from the inside out.

Mamaku offers a gentle, natural alternative to steroidal medicines in the continued management of common skin ailments, including eczema.

Boost skin moisture by 50%, oh my!

Mamaku’s unique and specially created Ora Mamaku Extract is truly a hydration packed gamechanger. Not only does it diminish irritation and enhance the barrier function of the skin to transform it into a real thirst trap, it also locks in the moisture!

Used morning and night, Mamaku Advanced Hydra Gel has been scientifically tested by Ag Research NZ and is shown to rapidly hydrate disrupted skin and improve moisture levels by over 50% above normal. WOAH!

mamaku new zealand skincare
Combat dry skin with Mamaku skincare, it’s hydration at your fingertips! Source: Canva

Mamaku Skincare for Mum for Mother’s Day (and every day)

Treat yourself (or your mum, your aunt or your BFF) to Mamaku skincare today for the best long-lasting Mother’s Day pressie!

The Mamaku Advanced Hydra Gel, RRP $48, is guaranteed to be well-received by all who receive it. So get skincare shopping pronto and enjoy giving the gift of well hydrated and subtle skin, thanks to Mamaku.

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This is a sponsored post for Mamaku.


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