Meet the Flower Grannies! Bride Asks 4 Sassy Grans to be Her Flower Girls

Shimmering in matching lace dresses and blue jackets and carrying baskets full of flower petals, these four golden girls are living their best lives. As flower grannies.

Kathleen, Joyce, Wanda and Betty are the proud co-flower girls at their granddaughter’s (or great-granddaughters for Kathleen) wedding.

flower grannies wedding
From left to right in the photo above, 90-year-old great-grandmother, Kathleen Brown; the groom’s 70-year-old grandmother, Joyce Raby; the bride’s 76-year-old grandmother, Wanda Grant; and the bride’s 72-year-old grandmother, Betty Brown. Source: Instagram

Golden Flower Girls now Flower Grannies

Sure, in traditional weddings, the flower girl role tends to go to a little girl, but bride-to-be Lyndsey Raby went a different route. While she still chose a group of friends as her bridesmaids, she wanted to include her grandmothers as well.

I knew as soon as I was engaged I wanted to involve my grandmothers. I felt so blessed to have them all here so I wanted them to be involved too.” 

With a combined age of 308, the quartet of flower grannies glowed as they made their way down the aisle, tossing flower petals as they went. Kathleen even decorated her walker to match the outdoor wedding theme.

flower grannies entrance
Source: Natalie Caho/Insider

The photographer for the day was Natalie Caho and she admits that the ladies rocked the flower girl role.

I’ve seen a lot of cute flower girls in my day, but these four gals take the cake.

“When Lyndsey told me she was having her grandmothers as her flower girls, I was not expecting the level of sass that these girls brought!

flower grannies travelling in style
Flower grannies travelling in style! Source: Natalie Caho/Insider

Their energy all day was that of a little girl who is in the same position and they had so much fun all day being such a big part of Lyndsey’s day and sharing the spotlight with her. It truly just goes to show that age is just a number.” 

flower grannies
What a special moment for this flower grannie. Source: Natalie Caho/Insider

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