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Sisters Birth Date Surprise at 1 in 133,000 Odds

On her sixth birthday, Khamyria Clark received an unexpected present –  a baby sister. Now, on her 12th birthday, she’s received the same gift – another baby sister.

Three sisters, not triplets, but all born on the same birth date – 20th July. What are the odds? Around 1 in 133,000, according to the math experts (which is NOT me).

Three sisters, same birth date 

Jasmine Clark from Louisiana had her first daughter on 20 July 2011. Exactly six years later, she welcomed another baby girl on 20 July 2017. And again, six years later, to the day, Jasmine gave birth to her third July baby, born exactly 2,191 days apart, just like her first two.

While siblings being born on the same day is not the most unusual thing, having it happen three times in a row, and also exactly six years apart is pretty cool!

Jasmine said she did not plan for each of her daughters to be born on the same day but it has made birthdays a bit easier. after all, there’s only one date to remember!

“We love the blessing of our newest little girl and the fact that I can always throw one big party for all of my girls,” Clark said. “It’s truly a blessing and something that is definitely unique.”

Cosmic twins

At this stage, there really isn’t a name for siblings that share a birth date but some people refer to them as “cosmic twins” and we think that’s a pretty cool name for it.

Jasmine isn’t the only mum who has “cosmic twins”. The Mangi family of Pakistan holds the Guinness World Record for siblings with the same birthdate.

According to Guinness World Records, the father, Ameer Ali, and mother, Khudeja, with seven children ages 19 to 30, all surprisingly having the same birthday: August 1st. This also happens to be the couple’s wedding anniversary. CRAZY!

Twins’ twin birth

Another really cool coincidence is Amber and Autum’s births. Amber and Autum are twins, born 29 October. On their 33rd birthday, they both went into labour and both delivered little girls. Autum’s daughter, Charleston arrived first. 90 minutes later, Amber’s daughter Blakely was born. On their birthday! The girls knew their daughters would be born close but they were a few weeks apart in their pregnancy so didn’t imagine they’d both go into labour on the exact same day!

twin sisters twin delivery
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