Banish Itchy Skin and Stingy Eyes! 8 Reasons to Convert to a Mineral Pool

There’s nothing quite like spending the afternoon lounging around the backyard pool. The sun’s out, the swimmers are on and the kids are happily splashing around and not annoying you.

It’s like being on holiday, but you don’t have to go anywhere, pay for anything or pack a single suitcase. #winning

But traditional salt and chlorine pools can have a few drawbacks. The complaints of itchy skin and stinging eyes after swimming, the smell from the harsh chemicals, the monthly costs to keep it running. All big annoyances, right?

Well, what if we told you it’s actually possible to have your backyard pool WITHOUT the stinging eyes, the itchy skin, the yucky smell or the expensive upkeep.

It’s actually really easy. Simply make the switch to a mineral pool system that’s rich in magnesium.

Mineral pools are designed to mimic nature. Instead of using salt or chlorine, they use natural minerals (magnesium) and a water purification system that leaves you feeling calm, relaxed and rejuvenated after every swim.

PLUS, magnesium is considered an anti-inflammatory agent that can relieve stress and anxiety, can relax muscles, stimulate hydration and help with sleep.

We recently discovered you can upgrade your existing pool to a magnesium pool and enjoy a much more pleasant pool experience, thanks to Maytronics and their ingenious mineral pool system called Mineral Swim.

mineral swim pools

Go chemical-free with a magnesium pool

Mineral Swim is a 100% natural swimming system. It uses salts and minerals sourced directly from the Dead Sea in Israel (not even joking!), which have been recognised for centuries for their amazing therapeutic qualities. Jumping into a mineral pool rich with magnesium is a whole other swimming experience. Prepare for health, safe and rejuvenating swimming experience. #bliss

To top it all off, the minerals are combined with an ozone-to-oxygen water purification system (a process that’s more powerful than traditional purification systems) to create a crystal-clear, healthy, safe, and rejuvenating swimming experience.

But it gets better! Because not only will the magnesium-rich Dead Sea minerals leave your skin feeling soft and nourished and your whole body relaxed, there’s a whole bunch of other reasons to switch to a magnesium pool.

Dead Sea magnesium pool

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1. Swim goggle-free 

Less chlorine = less stinging so let the kids swim all day without a single complaint about sore, stingy eyes afterward.

In fact, swimmers don’t even need goggles! This means no searching for those missing goggles, no water-in-the-goggles dramas and no google-eyes after swimming. Not to mention the benefits to your eye’s health!

Whether your kids are learning to swim or are already little fish, not having to worry about goggles is a big benefit and can make swimming so much more pleasurable for everyone.

family swimming in magnesium pool

2. Extra relaxing and rejuvenating

Imagine soaking away the stress after a long day with the kids? Mineral pools will leave your whole body feeling relaxed. Why? Because magnesium is considered an anti-inflammatory agent that can relieve stress and anxiety, relax muscles, stimulate hydration and help with sleep. 

3. Provides relief for skin conditions 

A magnesium pool is ideal for general skin hydration and helpful for skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. It can even help with skin’s elasticity reducing the effect of wrinkles! So you can swim AND keep wrinkles away. How awesome is that?

Mineral Swim has also partnered with one of the world’s leading natural skincare brands, AHAVA, to offer a great range of after-pool skincare designed to help with sensitive skin. All AHAVA products are free from parabens, vegan and approved for sensitive skin, leaving skin feeling soft and beautiful.

Pair AHAVA with a dip in a mineral pool and your skin will thank you for it! Keep scrolling for your chance to win a His & Hers AHAVA package, valued at $260.

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4. Better for our bodies and our bones!

Magnesium is also good for our bones, nerve and muscle functioning, as well as our immune system. It can help regulate sugar levels and normalise blood pressure.

And no risk of your body smelling like chlorine after. Or your hair turning that weird-greeny-chlorine-color after excessive pool time. #hooray

5.  Softer water 

Prevent that dry, crusty feeling after a dip in the pool and enjoy softer water that actually hydrates and moisturises your skin.

mineral swim magnesium pool benefits

6. Extra purification 

Chlorine is a popular choice for backyard pools simply because it does keep the water clean and pure. But it’s not your only option. In fact, the Mineral Swim system uses an Ozone-to-oxygen element that’s up to 3,000 times stronger than traditional purification systems. So you’ll enjoy crystal, clear, healthy water without the harshness.

7. Less maintenance

With a Mineral Swim system, the maintenance work a pool owner needs to do is minimised. And there are less chemical upkeep costs every month.

magnesium pool benefits

8. Surprisingly affordable to install!

Installation is easy and the Mineral Swim system can be installed in any new or existing pool, chlorine or salt water. And it’s cheaper than you might think too.  You can install a new system for approximately $3,600*

* Approximate price for a fully installed, average-size pool in a temperate climate (first 12 months of minerals included).  Ongoing mineral costs are around $400 per year.

Switch or convert your pool to a magnesium pool now! 

When it comes to magnesium pools, Mineral Swim is an excellent option.

They’re the only mineral system on the market that uses the ozone purification element for superior water purification. Not all mineral pools have this. It’s the combination of the ozone element and Dead Sea minerals that makes this system special. Anyone can put minerals in their pool, but they won’t get the benefits without good quality, natural minerals and the ozone purification.

Learn more about the process (it’s really quite fascinating), or book your consultation, by simply clicking on the link below: 

mum central


Want to see just how purifying magnesium can really be? Check out the AHAVA skincare range, which uses the same minerals as a magnesium pool to help replenish and rehydrate your skin.

mum central

This is a sponsored post for Maytronics. All opinions are our own.
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